This Might Be A Bit Much…

I’ve been trying to decide if throwing my name in the ring for this sew along is a good idea or not! You’ve probably seen it on Coletterie, if not Rhinestones and Telephones or Miss Crayola Creepy‘s blogs as they’re the instigators.

The name of the game is to sew one item from the CSHB a month and January is the Meringue skirt. I’ve got a lovely grey cotton twill which I think would work well for this skirt. And Pastille is such a cute (and would be my first) dress. And the ruffle on Truffle and the airiness of Taffy! The only one I’m not so sure of is Licorice but then I could always veto that one?

Either way, I’m going to see if I manage it, along with all the other items I want to sew! The Minoru starts Monday and I have plans for a starry Jasmine… But tonight I’m going to bed early as I’ve been up the last few nights with boy and I need to sleep!


4 thoughts on “This Might Be A Bit Much…

  1. The Collete sewalong seems to be very well organised, and well paced – had a quick peek at it only this morning. Today is measurement day (yeah) and cutting out of the muslin. A few people seem to be joining in only on the ones they like/need, and others are doing it all in a different order. It is extremely flexible. Think you will be just fine….

  2. I recently saw this too. I’m still trying to decide if I want to do. I have an “ideally by summer” list that I would like to complete – and it’s 20 items long! None of the Colette patterns are on that list. On the other hand, I love participating in sew alongs real time (rather than going back later). They motivate me to keep going and help with construction and finishing. I may join in after the Meringue, since I have plenty of skirts, but really need dresses and blouses.

    Tasia’s sew along sounds like it will be pretty relaxed, so I bet you could manage both sew alongs.

    1. I know what you mean! My things I want to sew list is getting longer and longer and… To achieve it I’m going to have to do more than one make a month that’s for sure!

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