Tasia Does It Again!

Renfrew Top

How cute are these t-shirts?!  They’re the latest pattern from Sewaholic and it’s called the Renfrew.  You would not believe how pleased I am with version 3 as I’ve been looking for a cowl necked, 3/4 sleeve t pattern for ever!  And with the variations I can have it with long or short sleeves too!

If you’re not signed up to Tasia’s newsletter where you find out about things like this, then go and sign up now!  Not to mention the fact that if you get her newsletter you also get opportunities like pre-sales!  All I need to do now though is try and shoe-horn this in to my growing list of sewing patterns to be made…
PS.  I’ve elected against the Meringue skirt for the Colette sew along and will start with Pastille.  Whilst the scallops are cute, I’m not sure they’re really work appropriate (I work in an enforcement role) and that is the area of my wardrobe I need to focus on at the moment.  Pastile in a grey subtle plaid though I think would be work appropriate!

8 thoughts on “Tasia Does It Again!

  1. I know – love Tasia!

    I am also with you on the Pastille – it is really the perfect dress. I hope to join the sew along at that point as well. That is so funny that you were thinking a subtle gray plaid, because so was I 😉

  2. Ooh – I know! I really hope this pattern is as good as it looks!
    Enforcement you say? Sounds as much fun as my job, which was recently rebranded as “regulatory compliance”!
    I am still thinking the Meringue might be work-appropriate in plain black, and not too short…

    1. They’d probably call it that given the opportunity! I do wear kevlar occasionally too… It’s mostly good though and with most jobs its the people I work with that makes it!

  3. That pattern is super cute. The only Sewaholic pattern I’ve sewn from is the Lonsdale – because I mainly wear dresses – but I love it. Tasia’s hard work and lovely manner is such an inspiration.

    Anyway, yes. Like you, I’m thinking of participating a bit in the Sew Colette sewalong, but I am going to dip in and out. Like, I know I wouldn’t wear the Meringue skirt, however lovely it is. But the Pastille gets a big old HELLS YES from me, as do the other dresses in that book.

    1. There is something about Pastille, isn’t there?! I can’t say what it is, it just seems like the perfect foundation for so many variations and I’m in love with the pleats at the bottom of the skirt…

  4. I don’t usually have a good experience with knits but know Tasia’s instructions will be good so will most probably order this one.

    1. Knits are something I’m going to have to make myself have a go at. Like you I know Tasia’s instructions will be good so I’m hoping this will ease me into a whole new world of fabrics!

  5. I started working with knits when my son was a baby. T-knits are one of the easiest fabric to work with that I know of, especially with today’s sewing machines. Trust me, once you sew a knit – you’ll never want to stop!!

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