Down then Up!

As there was a pause in the Lonsdale Minoru (whoops, don’t know what I was thinking when I typed that!) sew along yesterday, I decided to continue with my cornflower blue Jasmine instead. I made the sleeves yesterday evening, including attaching the cuffs and hand stitching them down on the inside which really gives a beautiful finish. I then set my first ever sleeve. It went in beautifully, if slowly, as I was being really careful.

I then flipped everything out to the right side to check I hadn’t put any inadvertent pleats in. Hurrah no pleats. Then I checked the underarm seam lined up with the side seam – beautiful. But. There were the seam allowances on the outside. Oh for goodness sake! (That’s the edited version, I didn’t throw a hissy fit of swear, or vocalise any of it, but internally I gave my self a fairly stern telling off!)

So at 10:30 last night I unpicked the basting and final stitching on that sleeve and carefully pinned it the right way round into the other arm hole. By that time it was 11:00 so I decided not to do anymore on it and went to bed. But oh dear, was I hacked off about it. I’d wanted to finish the sleeves last night, and maybe even hem it. (Don’t worry, it’s been hanging all weekend sans sleeves so the hem would be ready to do as I know you need to hang a bias garment before hemming)

So that was the down.

This morning is the up! Our lovely post lady came as usual at about 8:30 this morning. Today is one of my days at home with Boy so I was here when she popped two envelopes through the door. And they were both for me and both international! One expected and one not. Both brought big big smiles to my face though!

So, first up the expected one:

Expected, but not Quite so Quickly!

Yup, that’s my Renfrew top pattern! I swear I only got the dispatch email just before the weekend. Heck, I only ordered it on 23 Jan and on the 31st it’s in my hands! I’m so glad a I pre washed that jersey I bought at Oxfam as I can’t wait to make a start on it (once I’ve researched a FBA for a top like this…)

This was the unexpected one:

Surprise Packages are the Best!

An envelope from Annabelle of Annabelle Bumps. Inside was some very pale grey silk organza and this lovely little notecard. Isn’t the dress form die cut gorgeous? She’s been having a nightmare trying to source some 2″ elastic for her Renfrew jacket so whilst trying to find that, she came across some silk organza and thought of me! I’ve been rattling on about making another Jasmine using some star printed cotton shirting and using organza as the interfacing, rather than fusible, so she sent this to me to use!

The generosity and thoughtfulness of other bloggers in this sewing community of ours just blows me away. Whilst trying to source something for her own make Annabelle thought of me and took the time and effort to send this. I love this community of ours and the support we give each other. I know for a fact I would not have improved as much as I have without the support you’ve all given me and the knowledge that is so freely shared. Thank you xxx

14 thoughts on “Down then Up!

  1. Re: FBA for the t-shirts (i.e. without adding a dart)… try this link to page 76 of ‘The Perfect Fit’ book (then scroll down to read the end of it on end of page 77 – it’s the top in dark pink you need to follow).

    Ohhhh… I do hope my Renfrew Pattern is in the letterbox when i get home from work tonight :)! Good thinking re: the per-washing – I’ve got 4-5 pieces pre-washed at home waiting for it too.

    P.S. Londsale sewalong …Minoru surely LOL ;)?

  2. Wow, Tasia certainly was quick with getting that pattern out! I just ordered mine, so it will be a few more days. I am so delighted that my little surprise added to your up of the day! I too love the on-line sewing community.

  3. I second your emotion– I’m not sure where else you can find a community as kind, helpful, and generous as the sewing blogger world! Let me know how you find using silk organza– I’m anxious to hear how you like it!

  4. The sleeve thing! Ha, I’ve done that too. Stitched it up, walked into the other room (whilst turning it right side out) to impress my husband with my newly found skills and @@##^^##&&!!!! He was impressed with my language! X

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