In Progress…

This is what I’m working on at the moment (in between finishing my Minoru, trying to get photos of my finished Starry Jasmine…). It’s a mash up of the Colette Handbook Taffy and the Colette Jasmine pattern.

I used the pattern pieces from Jasmin for the bodice and spliced the armscye from Taffy onto it.  This saved me a lot of maths in trying to make the stitching lines on the armscye and sleeves the same.  I started it and then thought, why not just add the armscye that fits the sleeve!

I’ve used french seams throughout including the darts using this tutorial.  It’s made from a sari that my Mum brought back from India.  It’s sheer but I love the handprinted pattern on the edges and the ombre dye effect where it tones from blue grey to deep purple.

I was going to use self bias tape but it was a nightmare.  I just couldn’t cut it straight as the fabric is so fluid!  I had to spray-starch the fabric to make it workable (thanks Colette Snippets for that tip!) and gave up on the bias tape.  So it’s bought tape and it’s pinned round the neck and sleeve edges, I just need to sew it on and also do the hem, which I’m going to bind with bias tape as well, rather than turn and stitch it.

9 thoughts on “In Progress…

    1. I’ll try! I’m flitting between this and my Minoru at the moment… Plus plotting my next make too, although I won’t start anything new until these are finished!

  1. Oh fun! I’ve had the same idea but I’m still looking for the appropriate fabric, plus Jasmine seems to be out of print at the moment… Can’t wait to see how yours turned out!

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