Liebster Blog Award! Pour Moi?!

The gorgeous Amanda over at Symon Sez has rather graciously given me the Liebster Blog Award!

There are some rules for accepting the award:

Rule #1. You must acknowledge the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
Rule # 2. Give this award to 5 other bloggers. Please let them know through a comment on their blog.
Rule #3. Post this wonderful award on your blog.
Rule #4. 
Bask in the glory bestowed upon you and appreciate all the amazing bloggers out there.
Rule# 5. Enjoy and spread the good vibes around.

Narrowing it down to just five blogs was so so hard!  So here are the five bloggers I’d like to share the award with:

Ann over at Annabelle Bumbs.  Not only is she a pretty darn talented Seam-Star (Go see Oona’s post for a great post about what we call ourselves!) she is also an incredibly generous and wonderful person.  She’s helped me out as well as Liz at Zilredloh!  I’d like to think that we’re maybe friends as well as fellows of the blog and sewing world.

Liz at Zilredloh is another incredible Seam-Star!  I have learnt a lot from her tutorials and the techniques she shares.  I also bow down to her amazing productivity – both in cloth and yarn!

Prettynpnk over at Pretty Grievances has a brilliant sense of humour and has an incredible knack for finding fabulous inspiration pics!  She’s away with the Mouse at the moment but I hope she likes the award…

Elena over at Seamless deserves an award too as she is the originator of the Seamless Pledge that I’m taking part in.  She’s also not afraid to share when things go wrong!  Plus she has a brilliant style.

Last and by no means Least is the amazing super talented Lauren who blogs at Lladybird.  She can sew like no bodies business and is super cute too.  When I grow up I want to have some of her skills and a bit more of her attitude!

Okeydoke, I’m off to let these AMAZING ladies know…

4 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award! Pour Moi?!

  1. I thought about Lauren too, but I was pretty positive she had more than 200 followers – that girl is POPULAR!! ^__^ I’m too much of a stickler for rules LMAO

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