Of Clouds and Silver Linings


In some ways this week has been a success, but in others an epic fail!

The not so great stuff:

Husband has been suffering a bit from depression due to lack of work, which affected me causing me to lose the plot at my place of employment on Wednesday.  Tears and sniffling in the middle of the office is not the normal me!  Husband is a plumber and heating engineer and the early part of every year is always slow work wise, not just for him but for the whole sector.  However he is not good at doing nothing and when given too much time to think he gets tunnel vision and starts to spiral and its very hard to pull him out of it.  I try and support him but its quite tough sometimes, particularly when I’m dealing with the effects of…

My medication being doubled.  Hello insomnia, nausea and generally feeling rubbish until I become accustomed to the higher dose!

Then to top it all I managed to infect my work laptop with such an evil virus (and I have no idea where it came from) that it had to be wiped and re-built.  So I didn’t manage to do anything productive until about 2pm yesterday.  I feel so guilty about it even though I can’t think where I’d been online that would have had such a nasty file.  Ack.

But on the flip side there’s the good stuff!

I’ve found a way to give Husband some control over the work situation.  One of which is to finally sort a website out for him so I’ve made an appointment to go and see a hosting and design company next week to see about getting a site made.  He’s also been contacted to do some short notice work and to quote for some jobs so I hope his mood is lifting…

Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods

Thursday night I went to the theatre to see the touring production of Legally Blonde: The Musical.  I enjoyed it, although for me the characters of Paulette and Kyle stole the show – probably because they provide the comedy and I was in need of some laughter!  The portrayal of Elle Woods was more annoying to me than Reese Witherspoon’s in the film although I warmed to it much more in the second half.  And no, I hadn’t been drinking!

I also wore a me made outfit – my Beignet and Sencha.  Both now need altering though as I’ve lost over 9lb since the start of the year.  The Sencha should be quite straight forward but the Beignet is going to take some thinking about and will probably involve removing the facing at the waistband and then nipping in at each seam…

And finally I finished two items this week!  My Taffy Jasmine and my Minoru!  I’m really pleased with both and will try and get some pictures to bore you all silly with next week if the sun ever appears today…

Colette Sewing Handbook Pattern: Meringue

So all I have to do now is decide what to make next…  I think a work appropriate Meringue is a strong contender as is a Renfrew.  If anyone has any tips for cleaning and caring for wool garments I’d love to hear them!

Wool Plaid from Annabelle

I also plan to get out my Renfrew pattern and do a FBA so that I can make one or two of those as well!  Would you like me to photograph the steps I’ve worked out for a dart less FBA on this top for a tutorial?  Lauren uses the technique of grading from one size to another, but as I start at the top end of the size chart that’s not an option for me.  Let me know in the comments…

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20 thoughts on “Of Clouds and Silver Linings

  1. Good for you, looking out for your hubby! Depression from a lack of work happens for a lot of men. Women have lots of reasons to get depressed. Including worrying about our loved ones.
    Keep up the good work. Do something fun together.
    Good for you in continuing to sew. I felt too guilty to sew while we were dealing with someone in my husband’s family being sick. I felt like I needed to be with him more than with my sewing machine.
    Now I’m sewing again and a happier me is better for everyone. 🙂

    1. I have made sure I sewed this week as its my stress relief and time to loose myself as I focus completely. I have had evenings where it’s just us too though. He’s working tomorrow and does seem a lot happier thank goodness!

  2. ^^I agree with Funnygrrl, I too lost the plot at work last Monday and when one of my trusted co-workers asked me if I was still sewing or going to the gym and I said no he explained that I had lost two of the things that help me cope with stress. Continue sewing and your husband will have a happier wife (and you will have a happier self).

    1. Sewing for me is head space and so beneficial to my mental health as its me time and where I can completely focus! I’ve had to make time for it this week but Husband has understood that and I’ve made the effort to sew once he’s gone to bed (he goes to bed 9:39ish where as I’m more of a night owl.

  3. Looks like things are more good than bad – hope things start to improve for the hubby. I am really excited to see your finished projects. My minoru has just been sitting in case Tasia has any tips to share. I’m sure I could finish it without the sew along – but I just love all the extra details she includes. I think the wool plaid from our exchange would make an excellent meringue!

    1. It’s definitely looking more good than bad now! I found the Minoru quite straightforward to finish off but man I am not great at “stitching in the ditch as I can never get the stitching in the seam line at the front and back, so the inside collar does have a wavy line of stitching along the bottom!

    1. Not so much productive as determined to finish a few projects off! This week is looking a lot better and Husband is happier, still worried but as he now has some control is definitely more positive…

  4. I’m glad you’re pulling you and husband thru, I know when mine is down I feel guilty going about my pursuits. I want to see some new duds, please!

    1. It has rained here all weekend, the first time since Christmas so I have no natural light! Hopefully I can get a few tomorrow using the wondrous self timer before I go and get my wisdom tooth removed!

  5. oh yes, boys are just not good at doing nothing are they? Mine had a few months of that last fall so can totally relate to the strain it puts on you both. bravo for coming up with a solution & staying positive!!! ^__^

    Congrats on finishing two projects as well!! Yes pics, please! 🙂

  6. Beat of luck to you both. It’s a difficult time for a lot of people but it’s great that you’re being really proactive on your husband’s behalf and helping him out with the site. I really hope he feels better soon xxx

    1. Thank you. The support of you all has really helped get me through a tough week. I know others have a tougher time for all sorts of reasons, it just felt likea runaway train and a bit overwhelming. I knew I could “talk” to you all though and just get my thoughts out of my head as I always find that helps.

  7. Sorry to hear you’ve had such a grotty time, but it feels like the week turned.
    I’d be very interested in a dartless FBA – in fact tried looking up today for the very same Renfrew, so YES PLEASE!
    Have a good week

    1. I’ll trace the pattern in the next day or so and make sure I take photos for the alteration. It’s really quite simple it was just figuring it out!

  8. Sorry to hear that, perhaps you could sign up your husband at one of the many freelancing websites online? http://www.guru.com/ is one of them but I think there are heaps around. Also I don’t know if your town has a local newletter (or even use Craigslist) to put up a Classified listing on his skills so people can find him and ask him for quotes. Getting a business listing in the local white/yellow pages/ phone directory is also a good idea!

  9. Aww, so sorry to hear about your rough week. 😦 Here’s hoping that hubby finds some work soon and that your dosage evens out. That plaid would make such a cute skirt!

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