What Should a God Mother Wear?

Husband and I were asked to be God Parents to Harry, the son of my two best friends on Saturday! Harry is 6 months younger (almost to the day!) than Boy and I am so pleased and happy to be asked.
So I now have the fun of helping with the christening and choosing something as a present for Harry. I’d like it to be something unique so will be heading in the direction of Etsy I suspect… Do any of you have any suggestions or ideas?
And of course I’ll need something to wear! As its in church I want to cover my shoulders (even though I got married in a strapless wedding dress…) so am pondering which pattern to use, I think it will be either Colette’s Peony or the Peony bodice with the Truffle skirt. Or maybe Scruffy Badgers New Look 6000?
What do you think, or should I consider one of the pattern releases?

15 thoughts on “What Should a God Mother Wear?

  1. While it may not be the mist unique gift, I like the idea of presenting a child with a picture Bible for their Baptism. I had one as a child, and I remember how I loved looking through all of the vibrant pictures, and then asking my parents to read me one of the stories that I had selected.

    I love the idea of Peony for a dress. It is perfectly conservative, yet a little glamorous too.

    1. What a lovely gift idea! Boy was given a picture bible too but isn’t quite up to unsupervised access yet. I’ll have to see what is out there…

  2. A peony would be lovely. Hmm. I have 20 nieces and nephews and 4 greats and have never been asked to be a godparent. I wonder what that says about me. Instead I have offered to take all of the girls to lunch and to buy their frst push-up bra when the time comes. See, I can nurture!

    1. Ooh, short sleeves. I have to admit I just gravitate towards the longer ones and had just dismissed the short ones out of hand. It will be June though so short may well be the better option!

  3. Ooh, I like either the Peony or NL 6000! The Peony was kind of annoying to fit (in my opinion… I still don’t feel like I have it right), but maybe you’ll have better luck than I did!

    1. I have heard, and read the fitting sagas for Peony! I have to admit though that I’m drawn to making a silver grey coloured one with a jewel toned sash though!

  4. I’m with Ginger! And I say the privilege the god mother has is that she can be the most chic and composed lady there (being able to hand god child back to fraught mother) . NL 6000 would also be a winner!

    1. It would be fun to just hand him back, however I think Boy will be causing just as much if not more mischief! Harry and Boy are as thick as thieves already…

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