A Rather Revealing Post!

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself there – you’ve got to love Carry on double entendre humour!

First, up apologies for the absence around these parts lately.  I’m quite relieved though that it’s not just me (lladybird, Ginger, Farbenfreude…)

Anyway, you may remember that I mentioned that I’d actually managed to complete a few garments before I dropped off the face of the earth.  All I had to do was take some photographs and then it rained.  For three days.  Then it was freezing – I had to defrost the car to get to work!  Day five was Friday but it was the end of the working week and I couldn’t face organising (read as making myself look vaguely presentable) photos that evening.  Yesterday was a lovely day but involved another Husband drama – now it’s too much work and not enough hours in the day!  (Yep, I know…)

So, today is one of those perfect spring days, warm and sunny.  So whilst Boy and Husband played with duplo downstairs, the camera and I reacquainted ourselves to photograph 4, yes FOUR! finished items.  Wanna see?

All three are new additions to my wardrobe and the Meringue of Wisdom is something you didn’t even know I’d finished!  I’ve got some more in-depth posts already written on each item as when I wrote it all out it was one loooooong post and I didn’t want to bore you all to tears…

Here’s a quick summary though:  Shall we start from the outside?

The jacket is, of course, The Minoru Jacket by Sewaholic Patterns.  The jacket I have been planning and withering on about since the pattern was released last year.

The top is The Jasmine Blouse by Colette Patterns.  Lets just say for now that I love it, wear it to death and the futzing with the fit was seriously worth it.

The skirt is The Meringue Skirt from The Colette Sewing Handbook.  This is the quick make I wanted after completing my Minoru.  Due to my own stupidity it wasn’t quite so quick and easy as I had to complicate it…

Finally there’s my yet to be modelled Taffy Jasmine (inspired by Alessa’s post here) which is a mash up of the above Jasmine pattern and the Taffy Blouse from The Colette Sewing Handbook.  I need a cami to go under this and all my vest tops didn’t work with the neck line or were the wrong colour (white does NOT work under this!).

So, it looks like I’ll be going from a week of near silence to a week of back to back posts! Next up on my sewing table will be a Renfrew and I’ll photograph the dartless FBA that I’ve worked out for it, just in case its useful for anyone else…

PS – don’t forget to enter my give away for an Adele P Margolis book here…

13 thoughts on “A Rather Revealing Post!

  1. WOW! You’ve been busy!! Love your jacket..that lining is fabulous! And the Taffy Jasmine is such a neat fabric! Love those sleeves!

  2. Looking forward to the full posts! Great blouse and I’m intrigued by the Meringue skirt.
    I’m jealous that you finished your Minoru for spring! Not sure if mine will even be done in 2012.
    Nice job, lady!

  3. Vicki, you have been so productive and I am really excited for the detailed posts on each of these items. I think that fabric on your meringue skirts looks quite familiar – I love what you have done with it!

  4. I can’t wait to see more photos! I love the plaid skirt with scallop hem – great fabric choice! Looking forward to seeing more of your Minoru too!

  5. Way to go, Ms Productive!! I have been a bad cookie, and barely sewn ANYTHING lately!! I did a muslin for a top and cut out the first muslin for Truffle, and that’s all I’ve done this month! Ouch! LOL

    All your items look great; I can’t wait to see your Taffy Jasmine on – it looks so pretty! 🙂

    1. I wouldn’t worry about it! The Jasmine was finished in February I think, and the Taffy Jasmine and Meringue are very straightforward. No where near as involved as fitting a dress…

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