Why, Hello!

How are you?  Where have I been?  Well…  no where exciting, actually.  Just a bit tired and then we went camping over the Easter weekend.  I’ve now caught up with the laundry and the housework and fancy a bit of sewing.

Karen of Did You Make That has come up with a wonderful sew along.  Pyjamas!

This is a genius idea and brilliant timing for a number of reasons:
All my PJs have died and I didn’t replace them as I’m normally a nudey-rudey sleeper (sorry if that’s a bit too much information!) or a t-shirt and knickers if it’s a bit cold.
After camping I desperately need some as tracky-b’s are not comfy to sleep in and trying to get dressed when half asleep is not fun.
Tracky-b’s are also too long and get wet from the grass
PJs are the most comfortable piece of clothing known to man!

So, why didn’t I replace the ones that died?  Erm, because I live in a centrally heated house and haven’t been camping since their demise.  If I’m just mooching around at home I have a really comfy pair of jersey maternity trousers that I wear, or my tracky-b’s.  Both have been seen on this blog and neither are particularly flattering!

So, I now have a pattern for my PJs:

I’m using McCall’s 5248.  Basically because it was a useable ‘set’ and didn’t include a dog jumper or remote control holder or anything else weird.  Plus it was on sale at my local fabric store so only cost me £4.89, which would be about the same as getting it online after the postage has been added.  I discovered that I’m too stingy to pay a lot for a basic pattern such as this and currently too lazy to draft one of my own, I’m ashamed to say.

Anyhoo, I could feasibly make the robe part of this pattern in the future.  The cami may be made sooner if I go the matchy-matchy route.

Fabric wise, I’m using this fabric that I’ve nicknamed ‘flaming plaid’ just because of the colours.  It was on sale at £1.95m when I bought the pattern and I’ve got 3m of it.  I’m hoping to get two pairs of trousers from it, or a pair of trousers and a cami.

The other fabric I intend to use is this vintage cotton sheet I bought last year I think.  As it’s a double there’s enough for several pairs of trousers and tops, or a full set of robe, trousers and cami…  I love the colour of the turquoise blue flowers.

Finally I have the rose print cotton lawn type fabric which would be very light and floaty, feminine jammies.  I have a Sorbetto that I made with this top that I sleep in as it came up a little short which is very comfy.

So, my recipe for my JimmaJamma’s is:

3/4 length trousers to keep them out of the wet
Elasticated waist to hit around belly button height

There’s not a lot more I can say about them really!  I may make the cami, or pleat-less sorbetto’s or even sleeve less v-neck Renfrew’s for the top half.  Or maybe my old, ratty t-shirt will stay.  I might add ribbon to give the illusion of the trousers having a tie, or maybe some lace at the hem, or some cuffs in a self or contrasting fabric.  With such a simple canvas, there are so many possibilities!  It’s going to be fun…


9 thoughts on “Why, Hello!

  1. Basic is about all you need for PJs. I sleep in my bare necessities and the only Pj’s i have were bought for a brief hospital stay only I discovered they give you a hospital gown. So now i wear them to bum around the house.

  2. Yay! I’m glad you’ll be joining the pajama party, too! I’m so excited! I’m a big fan of pajama bottoms– I get cold, so I like to have something cozy to sleep in, and I love to scrounge around the house in them. Hooray!

  3. it looks like a great pattern set! so great that I followed your choice and purchased it on sewingpatterns.com. Just one question though: I can’t seem to find the yardage indications. Is it present when you buy the ‘real’ pattern?
    your fabric choice couldn’t be more appropriate!

  4. This pattern is too cute!! AAAAHHHH I really want to make pj’s but i’m so behind on Sew Colette!! I still haven’t started my Taffy for April! LOL.

    1. If it’s any consolation, Taffy goes together really quickly. There’s a LOT of bias binding to attach, but it’s not that bad and goes reasonably fast… It is the most time consuming part though!

      1. Oh hehe I’m so gonna cheat and do a rolled hem for the edges on this one; the chiffon I’m using is super super thin and sheer so I was afraid bias binding would be much too heavy for it 🙂

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