I’m Gonna Have A Dressing Table!

Well, I will do after a little bit of graft!

There's a bit of work to be done...

This is my Stag Minstrel dressing table that I got for free (my favourites ever price for anything!) and it even came with the triple mirror which is deconstructed in these photos ready for the frames to be attacked.  I mean prepped and painted…

I love the drawers and already have a plan:  Underthings and hosiery can go in one, the central drawer is destined for my make-up I think.  My hair dryer, straighteners and epilator can go in one of the bottom drawers.  Another will house my hairbrushes, and styling accoutrements (I do try sometimes with my hair!) and the final drawer will probably end up being somewhere for those things you don’t quite know where to put!

I’m in the process of making a frame for my jewellery so that it can hang on the wall and I can actually see what I’ve got.  I might wear a bit more of it that way too.  Just the simple act of hanging some of my necklaces on a candle sconce has meant that I wear more of them already.  I hope I’ll actually bother to put earrings in too.

But back to my dressing table (doesn’t that sound lady like!  In a good way, not the little britain way)…

I plan on painting is gloss white like the photo above but I’ll do something different with the handles.  I’m not sure what yet though.  Probably an aqua/turquoise blue glass to match the feature wall behind our headboard…

Anyway, interior musings aside, I can’t wait to have a proper dressing table rather than having my stuff on the windowsill!  With those enormous mirrors light shouldn’t be a problem (I hope).  I’ve been looking for a dressing table for so long, I can’t quite believe that after a little work I’ll have one!

This is my first foray into up-cycling a piece of furniture, so please wish me luck!  If you have any words of wisdom or insight, I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you too to everyone who commented on my post about Crochet.  I’ve been perusing YouTube and have some books on order from the library.  I’ve bought some aluminium hooks from eBay that arrived this morning so I think I’ll get some cotton or acrylic yarn when I pop out to run some errands shortly.

And finally, have you seen the give away Karen is running as part of her Pyjama Party?!  Boy did she have fun shopping for that!  I’m currently wearing the first pair and I started two more last night which just need the waist bands doing.  If I don’t get carried away with crocheting later I WILL trace (suzy has an interesting post on this – I trace because my shape is constantly revising itself – Yay!) my Cinnamon pattern so that I’m not just wearing vests or old Ts with my nice new PJs!  It’s embarrassing how long I’ve had the fabric in my stash for the long version of this pattern, but I’ll make the cami length to go with the PJ bottoms that have been constructed so far.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


7 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Have A Dressing Table!

  1. Congrats on your new dressing table, it’s gonna be so lovely – I love the sound of ‘turquoise glass’ – it sounds dreamy!

    One of the reasons I trace too is for the same reason as you so I totally get it 🙂

  2. This will be beautiful.
    I agree about displaying your jewelry out. I wear much more now that it is there for me to see.
    Looking forward to seeing this complete!

  3. What a lovely table! My little apartment is currently full, but I’d love to have a little table like that. I found a smaller one on the street the other month, but I decided to use it for my sewing table. It’s turned out to be such a good “investment!” Isn’t free fun?!

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