You’ve Got The Moon On Your Pyjamas, And The Stars In Your Eyes…

I have to thank Mr Paul Weller for the post title as it’s the first two lines of the chorus to “Moon On Your Pyjamas” and it just seemed perfect to me for the Pyjama Party!

I used McCalls 5248 as the pattern for my PJ trousers.  The pattern has a front and back pattern piece, so an in and out seam, which differs a little from Karen’s pattern.  I also altered the pattern from a drawstring to an elasticated waist, and my technique was the same as the method Karen used.

The first pair (made from a thrifted bed sheet and there is tons of fabric left over…) were a bit too wide in the leg.  I also experimented with making cropped trousers with them too.  Initially they were too short so I added some big cuffs to the bottom to add a bit more length.  They’re comfy, but weird to sleep in as they bunch up round my knees.  I’m gonna keep them though as they’re perfect for warmer evenings when I’m just lounging round the house and (if it ever stops raining and warms up a bit) the garden.

So I altered the pattern by trimming an inch off both the front and back piece of the outer seam to narrow the leg and made two more full length trousers.  These were mainly constructed on my serger, using four threads.  So there’s the second line of stitching reinforcing the seam.  It was one of those ‘Why didn’t I think of that?!’ moments when I read Karen’s post on using a serger to make them.

Anyway, these two were made construction line style, repeating the same process for each of them in turn.  I’d already decided to add a tag so that I could work out which way round they went (mkI pair was marked, post construction, with some sharpie).  But the hanging loop that was suggested was added in too – I used some silver grey rayon seam binding for my loops.

My summer PJs are made from a white cotton lawn printed with pink roses.  It’s much more ditzy than I’d normally go for.  It’s been in my stash since I started sewing and was a cheap eBay win.  I have no idea to its providence and there’s no mark on the selvedge.  The trousers are light as air though and will be lovely if we ever have warm evenings.

To go with them I made the cami length Cinnamon slip from Colette patterns.  All I can say is that this slip is incredibly flattering (and hubby likes it…) and was an absolute cinch to put together, despite being cut on the bias.  I cut a 16 in the body and the cups are an 18.  The only adjustment I’ll make next time is to increase the cup size a bit more as I have a ridiculous size G chest and a little more room would be good!

Then of course there are the flaming plaid trousers.  These need to have an old band tour t-shirt to go with them I think!  But I don’t have one so it’ll be a red or orange vest top.  There is some limited plaid matching going on across the PJs, but there is no matching at all from the front to the back.  And heck, they’re PJs so I’m not going to stress about it.

These are the opposite of my dainty PJs.  They’ve got some weight to them and are really thick and snuggly.  They’ve been worn a lot with a pair of walking socks and a hoodie since they’ve been finished as they’re soooo toasty.  Perfect for curling up and watching a film with mug of hot chocolate, or glass of Vin Chaud. Mmmmmm.

And here’s my bedside table!  As you can see my reading is, well, sewing centric…  Does anyone else find that stuff sticks in their head better if they’ve read it just before going to sleep?

We’ve got Adele Margolis’ book “How To Make Clothes That Fit and Flatter”, the Colette Sewing Handbook, My iPad, “High Fashion Sewing Secrets” by Claire Shaeffer and “Sewing with Sergers.  I haven’t read any fiction for a while.  The last fiction book I read was The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.

Actually, I lie a little!  It was really The Gruffalo to Boy for his bedtime story last night.  Can any other parents recite that off by heart too?

I have to admit that making these PJs has got my sewing MoJo back.  I was feeling a bit meh and unmotivated but these quick, easy and satisfying makes have got me back to a happy place.  There are now three, yes three, dresses in the pipeline.  An aqua linen blend Pastille, Harry’s Christening dress and a dress for a “25th wedding anniversary + 50th and 55th Birthday party”!  Oh, and Sewaholic’s new dress pattern would be perfect for work…

And, finally, one of the songs I learnt as a Guide and then passed on to my Guides and then Scouts when I was a young leader:

I wear my pink pajamas, in the summer when it’s hot. 
I wear my flannel nighties In the winter when it’s not. 
And sometimes in the springtime and sometimes in the fall, 
I jump right in between the sheets with nothing on at all

35 thoughts on “You’ve Got The Moon On Your Pyjamas, And The Stars In Your Eyes…

  1. 3 outfits! this is impressive! I love the note on the olb band tshirt needed to be worn with the plaid pyjamas, it’s so true. I have to thank you for the pattern inspiration, I nicked you idea and agree with you: the legs are too wide.
    I like your reading list!

    1. So SO wide it’s hysterical! I’ve found a black long sleeve T to wear with the plaid PJs now 🙂 Still not a band one, but it does have a labrador on the front and is one my Mum brought home from a vacation in New England, so at least the T has toured!

  2. WHat a great sleepy wardrobe! I don’t think I could choose a favorite but as I am chilling a bit still in my PJs & need to get changed, your red flannel ones look the most appealing to me 🙂

    1. The red ones are winning here too. But that may be because it is SO FLIPPIN’ COLD! I love your post – you always have the best pictures. Puts me to shame!

    1. Sorry! For the song that is. I had to hang the PJs as we have a memory foam bed so whilst it’s amazing for sleeping on it’s RUBBISH for jumping!

  3. Well aren’t you super productive! I only just managed to finish my one pair of pants this morning. You totally put me to shame!

    1. They’re my antidote to lack of productivity. And they’ve all I’ve sewn recently so I definitely could do better! I just have to get on with two dress muslins now as they’ve got to be done for the beginning of June!

  4. Oh wow, you really went all out! I don’t read sewing books before bed anymore, it’s too high energy XD. I get too excited to sleep (start scribbling things in my notebook and drawing things and end up staring at the ceiling instead of drifting through REM..).

    1. Yeah, I do end up plotting rather than sleeping. But then I’m an insomniac anyway so at least I’m in bed and horizontal so resting physically if not mentally!

  5. Great pj’s! I want to try the Colette cami. You’ve inspired me.
    I was planning to whip up the PJs today since I just got back from vacy. But I didn’t get fabric and ended up buying men’s pj pants. Need the length.
    So I’m a party pooper but loving the posts!

  6. Three PJs. That’s great. It took me all this time to get 1 done. But you have inspired me to make more! My sons want their track pants back which is my usual comfy night time attire!!

    1. But track pants are soooo comfy! The production line system really helped as it was all cutting, then all seaming, then elastic etc etc. Plus they’re such a straight forward make they were pretty relaxing to do. Hence three pairs of PJ bottoms and one cami!

  7. That Colette cami is on my wish list. I can’t quite get up the courage to purchase it since I’ve rarely, if ever, seen it show up on a blog. Plus, I’m not quite Colette sizing up top, and I’m afraid of the SBA. Whenever a blog contest for a Colette pattern appears, it’s always my go-to pattern to win. It’s great to see you make use of it here though. And, three sets of pajamas?! You should make sure to wear all three at some point during the party. Maybe have an outfit change set up between games?!

    1. Thank you Amy. I’m sure you would be able to adapt it with no problems at all! I think the SBA could quite happily be fudged a bit by going down a size for that pattern piece or grading down the smallest size as there’s nothing too weird going on with the grading between sizes. If that makes any sense at all?! I know you’d make a stunning job of it.

  8. Wow, these are all fab, I especially love the light summery ones. I have the Colette pattern on my to-do list. And I will declare I probably know all of ‘The Gruffalo’ by heart!

      1. I hope it didn’t get stuck in your head! The Cinnamon is a great pattern (but then I’ve yet to find a Colette pattern I don’t like…)

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