Me Made May: Week 1

OK, first up I have to apologise.  I have no photos but I promise faithfully that I have been wearing at least one me-made item every day!  Here’s a quick run down:

Tuesday 1 May:
My cherry blossom Sencha with jeans and Minoru Jacket
Worn at home, toddler wrangling

Wednesday 2 May:
Cherry blossom Sencha with black pinstripe trousers and Minoru Jacket
Worn to wrk

Thursday 3 May:
Starry Jasmine with black pinstripe trousers and Minoru Jacket
Work again

Friday 4 May:
Starry Jasmine with black pinstripe trousers and Minoru Jacket
Work, yet again!

Saturday 5 May:
Mostly in scruffs as I was sanding and undercoating my dressing table, but for the evening I wore my Renfrew with Jeans
Pizza at friends

Sunday 6 May:
Renfrew with jeans followed by scruffs for yet more painting
Visiting family in the morning (A fortnightly Sunday routine for us)

Monday 7 May:
Scruffs yet AGAIN!  More sanding and a gloss coat this time.  Then my rose print PJs when I finally got to relax in the evening

So, I’ve managed to keep up with my one Me-Made item per day.  I have failed dismally on the photos though (hence re-runs of previously shared photos!).  I run out of time in the morning, and don’t feel like having my photo taken at the end of the day after work!  Not really valid excuses, but hey.

On the plus side though I have realised the following:

I need some more tops!  I think I’ll have to get on with the Renfrew, Jasmine’s and Senchas that I’ve had planned and on the back burner for ever.  I keep getting distracted by new projects…  But I must do my dress for the 50th Birthday Party (and petticoat) and the Peony/Jenny Franken dress for Harry’s christening first.

My Jeans are now too big.  I need a new pair but having seen Amy’s beautiful pair and the general rave reviews that Jalie 2908 gets, I want to have a go at making my own.  I’ve got some dark stretch denim in my stash which were originally going to be Bella trousers  or maybe a denim pencil skirt but may well get diverted now.  If I can lay my hands on the pattern in the UK that is!  Hopefully Habithat will have it back in stock soon…

I do want to take the waist band detail from my thrifted RTW pair though as I like the deep waistband with a double button.  So that probably means that I’ll be enrolling on Kenneth King’s Jeanius class on Craftsy too so that I can clone this aspect!

I have to admit that I’m enjoying MMM’12 far more than I thought I might.  I had really psyched myself out over it, but I’m doing OK so far.  I hope to get some skirts out this week.  My meringue will be work tomorrow, that’s for sure.  However my me-made items that fit are going to be in heavy rotation as both my crescents need taking in and it’s a job I hate so I’m avoiding it.  I also need to bring the hem up by a good couple of inches. But if anything is going to give me the motivation to do it, this month will.

That’s been one of the lessons learnt already this month.  I like my skirts to finish above my knee.  Not way above my knee, but so the hem rests just above the top of the knee cap.  Or goes all the way to the floor.  I just feel ‘wrong’ in a skirt that finishes somewhere between the two!  I guess tea-length will never be me…

3 thoughts on “Me Made May: Week 1

  1. I’m the same way as you with skirts – above the knee or floor length; anything inbetween looks bizarro on me LOL. I too need more tops; it’s awesome how we learn more about what we really wear the more we make isn’t it? 🙂

  2. I love your tops! They’re so cute– I would live in them if I was you! I’m noticing a lack of tops in my wardrobe, too… guess I’d better get stitchin’! 🙂

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