A Solution to My Jeans Issue…

From The Jalie Website

Hurrah!  The oft lauded and praised Jalie 2908 is back in stock at Habithat.  So a copy of this pattern is now winging its way to me (or will be soon!).  I’ve downloaded the instructions from the Jalie website as I read somewhere that they’re printed on the pattern pieces so this will make life a little simpler.

Now I can happily doodle pocket designs, a la Amy who inspired this whole enterprise!  Although my eventual reveal post will not start with a picture of my bum as it’s not as cute as Amy’s and I wouldn’t want to scare/scar you all LOL! 

As I had to go thread and zipper shopping in my lunch break today for the two current projects, I took the opportunity to pick up two reels of cadbury’s/liberty purple top stitching thread!  I already have some dark gold upholstery thread in my stash, but the purple is unique.

Now all I have to do is decide about the Kenneth King Craftsy Jeanius Course and finish the two far more pressing items of clothing already scheduled.  Oh, and stalk Tanit-isis’ blog as she is a master of this pattern!

But first, I really must cut out that back bodice piece and sew the toile of the bodice of my 50th Birthday Party Dress so that I can get on and make the final thing!  In fact I really ought to share a little more about this dress with you as I’m quite excited about it!  The deadline is Saturday 2 June.

Then of course it’s the Christening Dress which has been frankenpatterned and also needs toile-ing and fitting…  That deadline is Sunday 10 Juen.  So Jeans wont be happening until mid-June at the earliest.  Be prepared for a barrage of jean type questions and general panic when I get to it!

10 thoughts on “A Solution to My Jeans Issue…

  1. I’m glad the pattern’s in stock! I say try it out and if you get stuck somewhere or if the fit needs work, then consider taking the class. I got a lot more from the class after having gone through a round of jeans construction myself.

    1. I’m scared too but I’ve got to start somewhere?! Plus my RTW jeans just don’t fit anymore! I don’t think the intention is to put them on without bothering to undo the button or zip!

  2. I still haven’t sewn pants yet, scared stiff of them LOL although I have this pattern waiting in the sidelines for when I’m ready for jeans! LOL I’ve seen SO MANY awesome versions of them that I’m really convinced anyone can make an amazing pair with this pattern! 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing your progress! 🙂

    1. I’m a tad intimidated too! I’ve got to sort these dresses first though! Muslin one was ok but I’ve got to move some princess seam lines to get it to fit right, and move the fullness to the right place… Muslin mk II tomorrow night then, after I’ve altered the pattern!

    1. I haven’t got brave enough! I am such a wuss… I’ve got the Craftsy classes on making trousers and jeans and fabric, thread and top stitch thread too. I just feel a bit daunted by the whole process!

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