Me Made May 2012: Week 2 and some Sunshine!

Still no outfit photographs, but I have got photographs of our busy and sunny weekend!

I’m also 3/4 of the way through Burda’s Pleated top so I will hopefully have a finished item to show you very soon…  Now that my Burda Babel fish is working again, that is.  The collar construction isn’t hugely clear and when I make mkII I think I’ll re-order the construction a bit as well.  For anyone planning this top I’ll try and take loads of photos and write some (better than Burda) instructions…

But back to Me Made May!  This was the week of the skirt!

Tuesday 8 May:  Green renfrew and jeans, plus PJ lounging in the evening.  I also wore my new-to-me glass ‘pearl’ necklace that I got on eBay for £4 including the P&P!  I’ve now got a few vintage pieces of jewellery (brooches and necklaces) that I ought to photograph and share with you!

Wednesday 9 May:  Meringue skirt and white shirt for work, PJs again when I got home

Thursday 10 May:  As above, so not original!

Friday 11 May:  Teal beignet skirt with my navy works polo shirt as I was on call.  A really weird combination but it also kinda worked.  I like teal and navy as a colour combo!

Saturday 12 May:  Renfrew and jeans for a trip to the fire station to see a friend who’s a fireman and a Daddy to a little man the same age as mine (there’s exactly one week between them) to play with fire engines!  Then swimming, then collapsing at home!  A very busy, but fun day.

I also moved the dressing table into our room (I still need to finish the mirror frames) and moved the chest of drawers into my sewing ‘room’.  So a huge amount of tidying in there too.  It’s still a bit of a mess, but a lot less of one.  Honest!

Sunday 13 May:  Sencha and Jeans to go to the Norwich and Norfolk Festival in Chapelfield Gardens to see the Erth Dinosaur Petting Zoo.  Which was brilliant – if you get a chance to see it and you have a dinosaur mad child please go!

A pretty awesome weekend for a two year old really; fire engines, swimming (with new shark fin!) and dinosaurs and a picnic!

Thank goodness we had good weather over the weekend as on Monday it rained.  Again.

Monday 14 May:  Sencha and Jeans again.  A bit of homebase, catching up with friends and play group.  Then PJs to do a little more sewing!


5 thoughts on “Me Made May 2012: Week 2 and some Sunshine!

  1. Gosh, I love the same things as your two year-old! I bet we’d get along famously! 😀

    Can’t wait to see your Burda top! I’ve been wanting to try this since it came out, but have been nervous about the terrible instructions. I’d be grateful if you decided to write out instructions!

    1. I’ve got a really dodgy i-Pad photo of it so far as it was worn yesterday! I’m definitely going to remake it and re-order the construction and method a little as the Burda instructions are abysmal! I’ll note and document it all as I go though so that I can post it all if it works out…
      Boy would absolutely love you, I’m sure! And then run off with the Darth Vader pillowcase so your man would have to reveal his true identity!

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