MMM – Outfit Photo 1

Here it is.  It’s not great and was snatched a few moments ago whilst Boy and Husband are upstairs.

I used an ‘antique’ filter on our photo programme to soften it a bit as out lounge is quite dark and the flash made everything very harsh.

So, I’m wearing my starry Jasmine and my black, pinstripe work trousers that are too big.  I had no idea how flipping awful they looked though!  So they’ll be consigned to history now I think, or I’ll have to take them in by several miles… All worn, of course, to work!

I’ve got a remote on the way for the camera, which I hope will allow me a bit more time when ‘posing’ so I hope that will make things look a little less tense!


5 thoughts on “MMM – Outfit Photo 1

  1. Good for you!!! I absolutely DESPISE having my picture taken but at least when you do it yourself you have control over angles and lighting and whatnot… otherwise I’m impossibly non-photogenic!

    Something you may want to try if you can finagle it is to take the picture inside but with a natural light source (like window or patio door) facing you – it’s incredibly flattering, and will really help highlight the details of your lovely clothes, face and hair 🙂

  2. You are so not alone- I hate posing- I swear I have a mini stroke when the flash goes off- one eye must droop or else. Thats why the pups are in so many of the pictures- if I’m doing something, I’m not feeling so static and tense. Try some action shots or of course- you can go Beyonce and develop a diva alter-ego. You can be VICKI FIERCE! She loves to pose.

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