What? I Won? 17 Days Ago?!

Have you heard of BeFab?

Back in early March, Claire of Sew, Incidentally wrote this post about a survey that BeFab were running to help them learn more about their market as they’re looking to launch a custom fabric printing business here in the UK.  Something like Spoonflower.  This was in early March and so I filled in the survey.  And then completely forgot all about it.

Today, I got an email asking if I minded completing another short survey.  So I did.  The email also mentioned that they’d announced the winner drawn from the first survey on the 1 May on both Twitter and Facebook. 

I don’t exist on Facebook.  I do exist on Twitter but don’t tweet.  Out of curiosity I had a look at their account on Twitter.  This led to my inaugural tweet, and it was @BeFabBeCreative

Holy Moly, that’s me that is!  I’ve won £100 of bespoke printed fabric! 

It looks like their prices are going to be between £35-£55 metre (cottons through to wools and silks) so that means I can probably get enough fabric for a unique, one of a kind dress!  Oh WOW!  There are so many ideas and possibilities running through my head…

I will be back later today with a self portrait for you too.  Thank you all so much for your encouragement and advice yesterday, it means the world to me!

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