MMM with PHOTOS!!!

So, I’ve been keeping up with my MMM portrait challenge.  Some are with a camera phone, most are with my SLR!  And I’ve got a remote which makes things a LOT easier…

Unless the Boy gets hold of it.  I have about thirty very similar photos!  Please forgive the chaos on the breakfast bar behind him – Friday night is never organised in the kitchen!

So, here we go:

Friday: RTW shirt, Plaid Wool Meringue – worn to work.  Photography credits to a colleague.

I’m stood under a Jaguar GR-1 Fighter Jet which is outside the County Council offices as a memorial to the members of the Jaguar Force who died in the course of their duty.

Saturday:  Burda Pleat Blouse made from a vintage Rayon blend that I think I got from Etsy.  It was love at first sight with the fabric and I wanted a simple top that wouldn’t break up the print too much!  Photo credits are me with my iPad.

Sunday:  Sewaholic Renfrew cowl neck T and Minoru Jacket (which gets worn daily) on a visit to a zoo.  Me and Boy are talking to a very big donkey.  We’re not quite sure what it actually is!  Photo Credit: Husband!

We also saw Giraffes.  I love Giraffes!

And Lemurs

And this bird of prey was over my head as it caught and ate some meat its handler threw for it!

I wore MM for Monday (Anchors Burda top) and Tuesday (Sencha)but I hadn’t challenged myself on the photography front then!  I can’t believe there’s only 11 days left of MMM!


8 thoughts on “MMM with PHOTOS!!!

  1. Yay for pics!! I think your pics look awesome, keep up the portraiture! 🙂 And of course… you can’t go wrong with pics of fuzzy things – YAY! ^__^

  2. Vicki, great job stepping up to your challenge. I love the blouse with the nautical farbic. When did you make it? Would love to see more photos of it.

    1. I made it last week and have yet to write about it! I’ll try and do that this weekend… I’m in the middle of making a petticoat at the moment for my first ever dress! There’s a lot I need to catch you all up on!

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