Me Made May and More Photography Thoughts

Sheesh, this week has been a doozy!  After we had a lovely weekend, the woman thing arrived.  Unfortunately I have no idea when it’s supposed to turn up as its got a mind of its own due to my prolactinoma and the issues around that.  The only warning I get is that I’m suddenly very emotional and feel very vulnerable the day before.  Which can also happen when I’m stressed and tired, which is a lot of the time lol!

Anyway, that’s probably way too much information but I wanted to explain why Monday and Tuesday basically involved this:

My lovely PJs I made for Karen’s party.  I’ve spared you the full ensemble which involved an oversize grey hoody that both me and boy can fit in with room to spare over the top of the pretty, ladylike cinnamon that I made to go with this PJ bottoms.

On Wednesday, the sun came out!  Wah Hoo!  But it’s a work day.  Boo.  So I put on a new to me pair of trousers (after seeing just how awful the old ones were) which are two sizes smaller (hurrah!) with my cherry blossom Sencha and toddled off to work.  I wore exactly the same outfit on Thursday too, just swapping one vintage necklace for another.

This is me in the doorway of my ‘bijoux’ (read smallest room in the house, nearly) sewing room.  Which also houses my exercise bike.  To put it mildly the room is cramped – all my cutting and involved pinning goes on in other rooms cos there just isn’t the space in there!

Oh, and the tulle I have so artfully (read being a twerp with) draped over myself is the bottom tier of a petticoat I’m making.  But more of that and the accompanying (first ever) dress in another post…

So today, gorgeous weather again and a complete fail on the photography front.  Think same trousers as yesterday and switch the Sencha for the Jasmine.  Heh, imaginative I am not!  It was a different necklace though!

I am still pursuing the photography challenge though.  I know there aren’t a ton of self portraits in this post but I still don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera.  The remote helps enormously as the anxious wait for the beeper and flash etc is gone, but it still feels really uncomfortable.

I’m also not a great fan of a lot of the images.  But that’s my self image & confidence issues and not something I’m going to bore you all with!  Plus I haven’t take the time to really work at angles etc yet, just grabbing a few minutes here and there to get a few done is challenging enough at the moment.  Hopefully I’ll get a few taken outside this weekend.  Standing up straight would help too…

Boy finds this photo funny.  I decided to play around just before he went to bed by pulling faces at the camera and this one got the seal of approval.  I don’t mind it too much, but then you can’t see the rest of me!

I have learnt a lot from MMM’12 and I’m already reflecting on the areas of my wardrobe that need shoring up.  Once more the want to sew and the actual amount that I have time to sew exist in different universes.  But hey, that’s part of the fun.  There are also certain items that need re-fitting (never as much fun as making something new).

I’ve already done a big purge of the wardrobe with some to charity/thrift stores and some on eBay which has funded a new pattern (which I have no occasion to wear to, or would look appropriate on me currently, but it was cheap!) and some border print fabric I intend to turn into a dirndl skirt for the summer.  Plus a few bits of haberdashery in the form of lace and some fold over elastic.  Also for the current project!

I think I’ll do a final MMM’12 post and my reflections on the month next Friday.  My plans for this weekend are to finish the current project which is needed for next Saturday night; finish the flat pattern adjustments and cut the toile on the Christening Dress and photograph and tell you all my Anchors Burda Pleat Top.  Hopefully I’ll get my version of the instructions up too.  They’re written I just need to photograph some of the stages!

I hope that you all have wonderful weekends planned.  For my American readers I hope you all have a lovely and peaceful Memorial Day long weekend.


8 thoughts on “Me Made May and More Photography Thoughts

    1. Thank you! I’m slowly getting there… I have a dress I’m dying to photograph to show you all (I can’t believe I want to get in front of the camera!) if the weather ever gets nice again 🙂

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