Quick Lining Question!

I’m planning a shirt dress in a navy broderie anglaise; lots of holes so it’ll need lining!

So, what should I use? I don’t fancy standard lining cos its non-breathable and I want it to be a summer dress, so that leaves me with a light muslin if I go for a UK supplier…

I’d love to use a rayon lining if any one has any suggestions where I can get some? I think I’ll have to import it what ever I do so recommendations on suppliers would be great!


10 thoughts on “Quick Lining Question!

    1. Oh, I have heard such great things about Bemberg Rayon. I may have to save up a bit though as I balk at spending £10 a metre on fashion fabric!

  1. I have recently used silk habutai ( china silk) to line a cotton dress and love the result. The silk is great against the skin and yet is very light and cool to wear. I recently bought some more in Goldhawk Road but my original purchase was online from Macculloch and Wallis.

    1. Ooh, that could be amazing! I love how cool silk can feel… I may have to order a sample though and wash it as with a two year old Boy everything needs to be washable!

  2. Bemberg rayon all the way!! It looks and feels like silk, comes in tons of colours, and is much more affordable than silk is… AND it’s breathable 😉 Wash it first before you sew, and it’s totally fine in the wash 🙂 I love it… in fact, I’m using it to line my Licorice dress I’m making at the moment 🙂

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