My Little Sewing Space

I’m always curious to see what other people’s sewing spaces are like.  Mine is usually a bomb site but I’m at home this afternoon all on my own, which is a rare treat.

View from the door way.  My exercise bike also lives in this room

I took the afternoon off as annual leave as I wasn’t feeling too great (I’d rather use leave than have an sickness absences recorded – I may be a bit weird like that).  But it’s too warm to sleep and day time telly is dire.  I’m not up to concentrating so sewing is out.  I tried tracing some more of my shirt dress pattern but kneeling on the floor made me feel even worse.

My Sewing Table – this room was boy’s nursery until he moved to his big room. Hence the mural (and for some reason digger canvases that are still up) on the wall

So I tidied my sewing space and moved everything around.  Again.  It’s a very compact space and it’s difficult to get everything in.  It was a complete mess before I did this and I’m now looking forward to sewing in here again.  All I’ve got to do is keep it tidy!  Does anyone have any tips?!  I’d love to rip out the carpet but I think my husband would have a fit.  I’ll just have to keep vacuuming all the bits of thread up I guess…

Corner opposite the window. The door is just to the right of the iron. No room for a full size board in here!

It is safe to say that I am supremely jealous of anyone who has a reasonably big sewing space.  I can also sympathise with anyone who has to pack up at the end of each sewing session as I know I wouldn’t be half as productive without this room of my own!


20 thoughts on “My Little Sewing Space

  1. Great looking space Vicki 🙂
    Re: threads on the floor – I have some mats from IKEA on my laminate floor to stop scratching from whizzing around on my chair (but it works on carpets too – so great for seating areas, or standing for cutting/pressing too). They help a lot – as the mats are smooth the threads won’t catch up in the way they do in carpet! I keep a dustpan + brush in my space, and it takes a fews secs to sweep up the bits from a smooth flat floor 🙂

    KOLON floor protector, £18.99:
    or this from Wilkinson’s might be worth a try? Wilko Vinyl Carpet Protector, £4.65:

    1. I love the window too. It looks onto the back garden and as we’re in a rural area the fields beyond. It’s south facing too so loads of lovely light in the mornings. It’s a shame I do all my sewing late at night really! It is wonderful if I get the chance at weekends though.

    1. I’m really not! This was after a marathon clean up session and I thought I ought to preserve it for posterity so that I can remind myself how nice it is when I do tidy it!! I’d love one of those thread racks that you mount on the wall but… One day maybe. I also covet a dress form but have no idea where I’d put it!

      1. I’d like a dress form, too, but since I sew in a corner of the living room, I’d feel like I’d have to hide it in the bedroom if we had company! They seem so revealing, right?

  2. If only you could find a way to connect the exercise bike to the sewing machine. then you could exercise while you sew and use the pedalling to power your machine. Super work space.

  3. Lucky you having a special sewing room! 🙂 I use my dining table, as we don’t use it for dining so I don’t have to pack up every time; being a small area, it’s pretty easy to keep neat and tidy, though I need more organizational doodads ^_^

    I keep my fabric stash, patterns, and extra thread/notions, in the other room, tucked away in organizational boxes, so to alleviate a lot of back-and-forth goin’ on, I make a little bag for each project with everything in it I’m going to need – makes me feel like I’m shopping ^__^ LOL

    1. Ooh, I love the idea of literally ‘shopping’ your stash. I have some bags from the fabric shop so I may well put the pieces for the next project in one and hang it on the chest of drawers so that its all just there…

  4. I fortunately have a decent sized room in our house for my sewing, unfortunately I share it with the kitty litter box. But this way it always stays scooped! I think your little nook is lovely, you seem to be making lots of awesome things within it!

    1. Thank you! I’m a little bit jealous of the size, but perhaps not the shared use with the kitty… I’d love to have a nose one day if you feel like taking some pics!

  5. I use our living room and foldable “dining” table. So do not really have a room per se and need to tidy as I go as otherwise you can’t go into kitchen. So I sympathize with u! Our next home will have a crafting room 😛 I have it designedin my head already 🙂

    1. Yay! Room planning and designing is one of the fun things about moving! I’m sure it’ll make creating a lot more fun (and easier) when you have a dedicated space.

      1. Yeah! I like creating little mood boards for stuff like that but it will be a few years until we move. For now I am investing in clever storage solutions for my crafting items! 🙂

  6. So sad that sewing rooms need to be multi-functional. I have a great space, but I have to share it with a guest bed. My workspace is my entire apartment. Sewing and pressing in the 2nd bedroom, computer drafting at my living room desk, flat drafting and cutting table in the kitchen area on my Ikea table that expands out (love it), oh and the icing on the cake is a 44″ pattern plotter in my living room. I have come to grips with the fact that my apartment will never look like a spread in Martha Stewart living 😦
    Kudos for the nice neat sewing room. Thanks for sharing your pics.

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