Jean-ius? At $19.99 Maybe One Day!

I got an email this week from Craftsy, who said they missed me. And because they missed me I could have any course for $19.99. This email arrived Wednesday and expires tonight at midnight.

I ummed and ahhed and thought about whether I needed to sign up for another class. Then I realised that I could get the $50 Kenneth King Jeans class for $20. That’s a 60% discount!

So, I’m now enrolled and when I finally get around to making my jeans (I have the Jalie pattern, some dark stretch denim and top stitching thread in my stash ready to go…) I hope that my first foray will be a success.

So, any tips on how on earth you prioritise what you’re going to sew next? Or do you just sew what you feel like at that moment in time?

My current project is to be a shirt dress for Sunni’s sew along – a mash up of Simplicity 2246 and 1880. I then plan on making the 1880 wrap dress variation. Then I don’t know what I fancy – jeans, a few more tops, another dress? Plus I’m going to have to make some decisions about the dress for Brother in Law’s wedding pretty soon too…

Oh, to have the time to sew all that I dream…


13 thoughts on “Jean-ius? At $19.99 Maybe One Day!

  1. Oh I have the same issues! I want to do so many things and then I dont know where to start! As I am still new to sewing my stash isnt big enough to start everything though, so at the moment I try to purchase for each project and then do that one.
    I am also doing the shirt dress next at the sew along. 🙂

  2. Ugh, if you find out where to get some self discipline, let me know! I have soooo many projects lined up, and nowhere near enough time to do them all! I’m laying down the law and trying to focus and finish stuff now… and I’m not allowing myself any new fabric until I can reduce my stash!

  3. Hahaha, I know that problem! Mostly I try to go for things I actually need, but occasionally a make just for fun has to be in there, too …
    When I made my Jeans, it was because my old ones had all fallen apart except for one, that was a great reason to bump them up to the top of my list (why, yes, I also have a list … lol).

  4. Oh, how are you finding it? I really want to do it, but I’m not quite ready to add that to the list. And yes, I have a current in operation sewing list. I use it so whenever I’m out looking at fabric I know exactly what I need to buy and how much. The want to do list is even longer…..

    1. The course is excellent. I’m not applying any of it yet as I like to watch the course and let it sink in and then go back over it when it comes to construction. As there’s a sale on (last day today) I’d really recommend the $19.99 it’ll cost!

      1. I was about to buy it, then got last minute jitters and bought the couture dress class. Idk why as it looks impossibly difficult and labour intensive. It’s a pretty clever system to run classes like that though. Wish there were some more simple “classic” styles and techniques, but they will come with time I guess. Getting in the early adopters with niche classes.

  5. Isn’t that the truth – not enough time to sew everything on our lists! Having too long of a sewing list is making my tiny little sewing corner quite cramped!

    1. I’m exercising limited discipline; one project at a time. Didn’t stop me pulling out about 4 patterns though last night and matching them with fabrics though… Every time I write a list though, it changes slightly too! Really, I have no need for new fabric or patterns at the moment!

  6. 🙂 I always wonder what to sew next. My pile of things-to-sew has grown pretty enormous in the last few months… but I have to say, I decide pretty spontaneously. Have you tried flipping a coin? 😉

    1. It may well come down to that! I’ve had the fabric and notions for Pastille ready to go for a couple of months now but it keeps getting bumped. After my shirt dress (must tell you all about that one!) it’ll be a wrap dress. Then, who knows! If I can narrow it down to two, a coin may well be the decider…

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