Up until last night I think I would have said that my least favourite seam to unpick was one that had been serged.  Closely followed by a french seam.

Sewing gods, I take it back.  The thing I hate unpicking the absolute most is a button hole.  Too much thread, too much potential to wreck a nearly complete bodice. AAAAARRRGGGGHHHH!

In fact, last night was about ripping out seams.  The aforementioned button-hole (use paper between broderie anglaise and the button-hole foot and the feed dogs so it feeds nicely!) as well as the sleeves that I had set in successfully using french seams.  Unfortunately the armhole was just too tight for me to get my arms out of the sleeve comfortably.

So, my lil’ ol’ seam ripper worked hard last night.

On the  positive, I’ve rescued the sleeves and they’re ready to be reset tonight (not french seams this time though – I’ll finish the seam allowances with bias binding this time).

Finally I’m nearly on the home straight – once the skirt and bodice are attached it just leaves the zipper, hem and buttons to attach.  Phew!


22 thoughts on “Unpicking

  1. Setting sleeves in using French seams? you’re my hero, goddess of fine sewing. I can’t even bring myself to try these straight…

    1. I’m really not! I’ve just learnt to be brave I guess! Sleeves aren’t that bad, honest! The only way to learn though is to do it… I practiced a lot when making up toiles. Good luck!!

  2. hahahhahahaa. I have never made anything with buttonholes, so I don’t know what you mean, but I know I hate unpicking stitches of any kind. My mom used to make me unpick stitches on bedsheets with a needle. We did not have seam rippers in Cameroon back in the days. It’s scarred me for life lol.

    1. You what?! You’ve managed to avoid button holes?! Seriously???
      Blimey, unpicking with a needle, I can understand how that would make you even more averse to unpicking than most!

  3. I am planning to do mine today. I have been putting it off as I hate unpicking them. Look forward to seeing ur shirt dress!

  4. I hate seam rippers with a vengance. For me they might as well be called fabric rippers! I used my very pointy little Janome scissors, which are OK, but none of them (I keep getting new ones) is sharp any more. I do my unpicking with a scalpel blade, the sort that is designed to remove sutures. It’s fab! They’re cheap and can be replaced with no feeling that I should be making do.

    1. Ooh, that may be a good tip on the scalpel blade! I have to admit that I try and pull out the bobbin thread as much as possible to save using a seam ripper between the pieces of fabric – just because I have slipped and ripped the fabric! Sorry your comment didn’t show up straight away, it got put into my spam folder for some strange reason and I only check that once a week or so…

  5. Oh what a coincidence – I spent last night unpicking too!! Seriously, I spent HOURS unpicking binding from the neckline of a jersey dress. I have to say that was probably my worst unpicking experience EVAH!! All the little threads sink into the jersey and you have no idea whether you’re picking thread or jersey fibers… plus the seam stretches as you’re unpicking so you wonder if the hours of unpicking are just going to result in a stretched out mess LOL.

    i’ll gladly take a serged seam over that any day LOL.

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