Help Me Choose!

Righty O.  Now that my wrap dress is all done bar the hemming (and I am sooo pleased with it!) I really must start thinking about my dress for Brother in Law’s wedding.

As you know, I’ve already decided on this pattern:

A Vogue re-print of a vintage pattern.  I’ve read reviews and that the yoke and sleeves are attached together and then inserted in the dress (apparently).  I also know that I need 5 yards of fabric (eek) plus a bit of contrast for the yoke.

I’ve decided on a taffeta for the main part of the dress and after my last online musings about it, Ginger suggested a charcoal colour, Symondezyn suggested Navy and Anne a dark gold or bronze colour.  Originally I’d been thinking about a dark teal.  So with these new ideas in my mind I ordered some swatches.

Unfortunately my budget does not run to silk taffeta, so these are all polyester.  I’ll underline the bodice in cotton muslin (the fine cheesecloth fabric) just so it’s nicer against my skin

So, from left to right we have a dark teal, a colour called ‘Slate’ which is somewhere between Navy and a gold/bronze colour, and a dark grey/silver called ‘Pewter’.  I love all three colours!

I scored a gorgeous pair of black sued Mary Jane style shoes on eBay which I intend to wear with the dress with back seamed tights or stockings.  All of the above colours would work really well with this idea and I just can’t choose at the moment!  I’m looking for your advice; Teal, Slate or Pewter?

I’ve made a little poll up in the top right corner, so vote away!

13 thoughts on “Help Me Choose!

  1. I can’t see the poll as I’m reading this on my mobile, but I vote for the teal. Gorgeous colour! Can’t wait to see the finished dress – I’m tempted to try this pattern myself in the future!

  2. Oh, that pattern is gorgeous! I like all three colours, but my favourite is the teal (my vote has been placed!). Good luck with it. 🙂

  3. Hmmm I think the teal is going to be the winner 😉 I used polyester duchesse for my dress because 5 yards of silk of any persuasion is more than my bank account could stand without having an attack of the vapours! i simply cannot wait to see your version.

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