Vogue 2903 – Fabric

So, back to Vogue 2903!  As of Saturday just gone I’ve got three weeks…  Eek!

On the Wednesday after we’d returned from holiday I had a day off where I was by myself. Much as I love Husband and Boy, it’s nice to have some alone time where I can get things done and think clearly.  As this was all prior to the bombshell weekend, thinking revolved around fabric for V2903.

I knew that I agreed with you all that teal was the colour to go for, so armed with my swatch I went off notion shopping.  I’d intended on getting lining, underlining, thread and zipper, and then ordering the dress fabric.

In the end I ended up buying the fabric for the dress from a home-dec fabric store!  The sample above is the best representation of the colour…

This is what I chose.  It’s a teal dupion style fabric with a slight sheen/sparkle and a slubby texture.  It’s actually several shades darker in real life, but the bright sunshine has kinda bleached out the photo!  Like the taffeta I was originally looking at, it’s entirely man made (polyester) but has more weight than the taffeta.  It also drapes better, presses pretty well and basically I love it!  I hope you don’t mind me going off piste a little?

I also aquired some lightweight calico and dress net to underline with.

And some lining.  Both the lining and dress net were described on the bolt as ‘petrol blue’ but I love the tonal aspect as there’s wasn’t a perfect match to the dress fabric.

Gah, the flash has bleached the colour on the dress fabric AGAIN!  It’s three different colours in three different photos!

On the way home I also bought some fabric dye.  Looking in my bag of fabric on the way back to the car the natural calico fabric was just too jarring against my teals and petrol blues.  OK, it’s only an underlining and the dress will be lined so no-one’s really going to see it.  But I’d know.  And the more I thought about it, the more it was bugging me!

So, after pre-washing the calico I took my first foray into dying fabric.

Just as a note:  When they say wear gloves, wear them!  I stuck my hands in for about 30 seconds and the blue has only just (10 days later) come off my cuticles.  For several days it looked like I may have a slight circulation problem with my hands!

I also finished off my flat pattern adjustments.  Please be aware these are just to fit my body – the pattern its self is really well drafted and goes together well (it did at the toile stage, but I’m ahead of myself…).  Here’s what I changed:

Full Bust Adjustment
Sleeve width adjustment
Shortened the bodice by 2″
Took 8″ off the drafted length of the skirt

After the toile I also added more of a curve under the bust and at the waist.  I’m also going to use the narrower yoke, rather than the wider one.  I thought I’d prefer the wider yoke but I was wrong!  Heh, another good argument for the toile – you can check that you like the style decisions that you’ve made!

Tonight is fabric cutting and basting the dress fabric to the underlinings so that the dress fabric is on the outside, then the dyed calico and the dress net uppermost.

17 thoughts on “Vogue 2903 – Fabric

  1. What bombshell weekend? Are you making one too?? 😀 Kudos to you for dying your underlining! That would bug me too, I won’t lie LOL. I’m really looking forward to seeing your first fittings! 🙂

    1. I wish it was the Gertie variety of Bombshell! I’m still a bit too scared to dip my toe in that particular pond at the movement… I forgot to take photos of the fitting stage (too much else going on…) but I’ll be doing a lot of fitting as I sew and will bore you to tears with those photos, I promise!

    1. If I’d thought about it, that would have been a sensible thing to do! But I didn’t so £5 of Dylon solved the problem – it was quite fun filling the sink full of bright blue stuff and then stirring. Poor Husband looked quite concerned when he saw what I was up to!

  2. This is going to be stunning when done, super commitment to dye the fabric, I would have just rebought more…..

    1. I’m a bit budget-restricted so more wasn’t an option 🙂 There was a beautiful lawn that I could have used in hindsight, but it would have cost the same as the dress fabric and I’ve spent £100 as is! Not that I begrudge it at all as I knew this was going to be up there on what I’ve spent on a make and I’m enjoying myself immensely!

  3. I’m excited and it’s not my dress! I cannot wait to see this progress. It’s going to be stunning.

      1. I think you would do just fine by yourself…but I’m happy if I’ve provided any information that has been remotely useful.

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