Petticoats or Crinolines

Whatever you call them, I have a confession to make.  I love them!

I’ve always been drawn towards the ’50’s aesthetic of full skirts and with my *ahem* body’s unique attributes a full skirt makes my waist look smaller!  Plus I just love having a skirt that swishes.  Wearing a full petticoat-ed skirt makes me feel pretty and feminine.

I’ve gone down the path of making my own and it was an interesting experience.  But by the time I factored in my time into the process it’s probably the most expensive petticoat known to man!  Materials wise it only cost £10 but hours went into it’s construction.

Today, I took delivery of a second hand (keeping to my seamless pledge!) Hell Bunny petticoat to wear under V2903.  Realistically I only saved about £3 on buying a new one, once P&P was added but that’s not really the point.  It’s black with a purple ruffle along the bottom edge.

Cadbury’s purple is the colour scheme of the wedding and one of my favourite colours.  As Boy and Husband are going to be suited and booted in wedding colours as Page Boy and Usher I wanted to include some purple, but not so much as to look like I was trying to be a bridesmaid!

So, a flash of purple in the petticoat, purple shoes and a purple (me made) clutch bag with peacock feathers is my nod to the colour scheme.  Plus I love purple and teal together!

Can I just say, that much as I covet a Doris petticoat, Hell Bunny is much more in my price range.  It’s a really full petticoat and I can’t wait to see the pop of colour peeking out of the bottom of V2903!  You can bet I’ll be keeping an eye out for them…


11 thoughts on “Petticoats or Crinolines

  1. Great colour scheme. Love the addition of the peacock feathers (I so nearly had them at our wedding!). You’re going to look amazing. A swishy skirt not only makes you happier, but really impacts on everyone else around you too!

    1. I hope so! The bride saw all the bits laid out and loved the colour too. I then had that slightly awkward conversation about dressmaking, why and most incredulous of all was brother in law asking how! All I could compare it to was Lego…. I’m not sure about the analogy, but it was all I could think of!

  2. I cannot wait to see your amazing finished dress, petticoat and all… you’re gonna look so smashing!! 😀 I love a cute petticoat on others but it just does NOT suit me one bit! LOL

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