Slipping and a Slight Feeling of Panic…

I have to admit to a slight feeling of panic at the moment.  Time is slipping, or rather rushing past and I have so much to do!

I’ve re-written my ‘what construction steps I’m going to do when’ list so many times in my lunch break.  Within 48 hours it’s always slipped.  This saturday there is a fortnight until I need to be sailing out of the door wearing V2903.

I’ve also go 80 order of services to complete…  I think tomorrow I will be telling Husband that he’s in charge and I’ll see him once I’ve got a good few hours sewing done…

On the positive, today my Dad’s CT scan came back as clear so we’re just waiting on the biopsy report from his operation last week.  I hope the rays of sunshine keep coming!


4 thoughts on “Slipping and a Slight Feeling of Panic…

  1. So glad to hear the good news about your pop– crossing my fingers and praying that the biopsy report shows no problems!

    I hope you get a chance over the weekend to get some major headway done with your dress! Thinking about you! You can do it!

  2. You can do it!! I did the Bombshell in four weeks, but then again, I spent every night working on it, so my hunnie didn’t see much of me LOL – the point is, you can do it!! Lists are so great, but sometimes they bog us down cause they seem so daunting; maybe just tell yourself you’ll get one or two things done, but if you get on a roll, just keep truckin! There’s a lot to be said for momentum 😉

    1. Four weeks! Wowsers, that is mightily impressive!
      I know what you mean about lists, but they made me feel like iwas doing something even when I couldn’t (sewing machine isn’t allowed at work, understandably)… Now that I’ve started, I’m ticking off rather than obsessively revising them, which is great! It’s helped me see that I AM making progress, even if as you suggested it is just a couple of things!

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