V2903 – Progress at last!

Dining Room Sewing! (At the point of doing this post, it was tidier when I started…)

Today, I moved all my sewing gear downstairs.  My machine, the serger, the iron and my little ironing board.  All of it got trucked downstairs and onto our dining room table.

My sewing table upstairs

Whilst I adore my little sewing room, when I want to put in some serious hours on a reasonably big project, there just isn’t quite the room I need on my table upstairs.

Downstairs, I’m all set up and there’s space to pin on the flat without ending up on the floor!  There’s also enough space for the table to take the weight of the dress.

I set them all up and then set to the serger with a screwdriver to install the new upper blade.  Man was that little screw tight!  It nearly turned into a job for Husband…  But I got there.  Everything was plugged in, cables were neat-ish and not too hazardous for a marauding toddler.

As you’ve probably guessed, panic has passed and progress is being made.  This morning I finished basting the underlinings to the fabric.  I only had to re-do one panel when I realised I had two identical side fronts and not the required mirror images!  Gotta love basting stitches for being so easy to remove…

Seam One!

And here’s the first seam.  This was done just gone 10am this morning and then carefully pressed.  Yup, that’s Boy’s work bench in the back ground!

I’ve been very very carefully putting the seam allowances through the serger with it’s lovely sharp new knife.  I did not want to inadvertently slice holes in anything as there is no way you could hide it on this fabric.  It’d mean a whole new panel.

Pretty pleat!

Here’s the front of the dress all completed, and pleats carefully pressed in and basted across the bottom.  I edge-stitched along the inside pleat to help those stay where they should.  I’m hoping a ton of steam and pressure will be enough for the outside ones!

Edge stitched inside pleat

And so far I’m one third of the way through the back with the invisible zipper all installed.  Just got to add the side panels, serge the seam allowances and then construct two more sets of pleats.

Invisible zipper! (It’s not wonky at the top, I just didn’t straighten the pull when I took the photo on the ironing board…)

Do you want me to photograph how I do the pleats?  I’m not sure that it’s to the letter of the instructions but it’s getting the finish that I want.  Holler in the comments if you do!

So I hope to finish the back tonight and add the facings.  Hopefully I’ll also get to basting the side seams and trying it on for fit and maybe even finishing the side seams…  I feel so much happier that I’ve made some progress; I’ve gone from feeling that I’m stood at the base of Everest to feeling quite calm and that this is all achievable.

Thank you so much for your encouragement and kind words over the last few weeks – both sewing related and about my family.  It means a huge amount and has given me strength when I sometimes felt that I may falter.

Dad’s CT scan came back clear and there were no cancer markers in his blood.  They think the growth was a fibrosis, but the culture has grown ‘unusually quickly’.  But as my Dad said – he’d much rather it was growing quickly in a petri dish than in him.  At the moment the medical bods aren’t planning anything agressive going forwards, but will be monitoring him closely.  They’ve yet to have their meeting and give a formal report, but that’s what we know so far…

Here’s to going forwards!


22 thoughts on “V2903 – Progress at last!

  1. You’ve made a lot of progress on your dress! The fabrics are amazing, I love the colours 🙂 keep going!

    1. Having made a start was such a relief! Being downstairs helps as I’m not shut away. After today though everything is going back upstairs as our long weekend comes to an end 😦 it’ll be evening sewing again very soon!

  2. You know…I’ve got to say it. A lot of people in the grips of panic would start taking the easy way out and cutting corners on the process. I know in the long run you’ll be more pleased with all the attention you’re giving it. Rah-rah! I hope you all know we’re cheering you on!

  3. That’s one heck of a lot of progress! It’s looking so gorgeous. And I seem to recall once all the basting malarky was done it comes together comparatively quickly (note I said comparatively 😉 )
    And I’m so happy for the progress report on your Pops. That must have been a scary time for you all. It’s good that they are monitoring him going forwards too. You can all breathe a little easier, I suspect.

  4. I’d love to see how you do the pleats. I’ve been basting mine on the right side and it’s so hideously obvious. And I can’t quite figure out where the instructions say to do it.

    Great work. It’s looking beautiful in that fabric.

  5. So glad to hear about your dad, and to see you’re making some really amazing progress on the dress! It’s looking really great and – WOW – that invisible zipper is REALLY invisible! Hats off to you!! 😀

  6. the colour is great! I would love to see how you did the pleats! Thanks for sharing your sewing space too! it is nice to see where everyone makes their creations! 😀

  7. I am about to embark on creating the same dress (shorter sleeve version with some colour accent alterations) for my wedding in August 2013! I’m very excited & will check back to see updates 🙂 – thanks for sharing & I love the colour too! If you have any pointers let me know! Thanks!

    1. Oh heck I really must get the finished item photographed and posted! My biggest tips are choose your fabric carefully, read the instructions and make a toile first to perfect the fit and practice the bodice and sleeve insertion as its a bit kooky!

  8. I’m about to start making this dress, yours looks beautiful! I also need to do a FBA on mine, what was your approach with this pattern? I’m not too experienced and don’t want to mess this up, since it’s 7 yards of fabric!! Thank you!

    1. I used the fit for real people method of doing an FBA on a princess seamed bodice. By Hand London have an excellent tutorial using the same method as part of their Elisalex sew along. I’d make the flat pattern adjustments and then make a mock up of the bodice to see if you’re happy with the fit before cutting in to your fabric! You may need to adjust the sleeve yoke aspect if the pattern as well and doing a run through to check the fit will also give you a chance to practice the construction as that bit is not particularly intuitive! Hope that helps and come back to me if you have any more queries and I’ll try to help!

      Sent from my overzealous spell checking phone! Please excuse brevity and typos.


  9. I have also choose this pattern to make my daughter a dress. I have been studying the pattern instructions and I don’t understand the instructions for the pleats. Please do you have a video or pictures to illustrate this? I need to get this made in the month. Thanks for your help!

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