Making Plans

Thank you for your consideration regarding my last post.  Thank you too to those who took the time to email.  It means a lot.

Slowly, slowly I’m starting to try and resume some sort of normality.  I haven’t touched my sewing machine since finishing my V2903 and I know I still have yet to post any pictures of it!  I will though…

So, I’ve been distracting myself with a bit of autumn / winter planning of the sewing variety.  I have discovered that I feel a million more times attractive in a dress or skirt, so that’s the direction my sewing is going to go in.

My Beignet has been in heavy rotation and I have some dark blue moleskin type fabric that is destined to become mkII, although sized down a bit.

My Sencha gets worn a lot too, so there will probably be another couple of versions of that as well, again sized down a bit.

Then there comes the work wardrobe (thank you for the suggestions, twitterers!).  My office is weird in that it’s in an old 1960s building that is either boiling hot or freezing cold.  Comfortable happens for about an hour once a week if your lucky!  So I’m planning on dresses with 3/4 length or short sleeves as full length sleeves just annoy me.

So my pattern plans are:

New Look 6000 View C in a prince of wales plaid

Colette Peony with long sleeves in a navy wool I think (if I have enough!)

Simplicity 2724 (thank you Liz!) – the middle photo with the round neckline, 3/4 sleeves and slim skirt with a thick dark pinstripe cotton for the skirt and a japanese slubby cotton with a fireworks sort of pattern for the bodice.

Vogue 8280 with the sleeves and bodice of view B and the skirt of View C in a dark grey wool

New Look 6070 in a teal plaid

New Look 6968 View D, which is actually the photo as it has pockets and the tie collar  Fabric to be decided, but I like the idea of some sort of polkadot…

I’ve got nearly all the fabrics already in my ‘collection’.  I just need to get some sort of polkadot for NL6968.  And some colour catcher sheets for S2724!

Does anyone have any experience with any of these patterns (I’ll be referring to her Scruffyness’ posts for NL6000)?  Any suggestions or thoughts?  Have you planned your sewing, or are you winging it?  I know I often plan big and sew a much smaller number of garments, but hey dream sewing is fun too and if I actually manage even three of these I’ll be quite happy.

23 thoughts on “Making Plans

  1. I’m very happy to see you are back. I don’t have any experience with any of those dresses but I do love all the versions I’ve seen of NL6000.

    Good luck with your sewing plan. I always drift to and away from mine 🙂

  2. I made NL600 view C in December last year as part of Scruffy Badger’s frock fest. It’s such a lovely pattern and a really flattering dress. I love the gathered feature.

    One thing to bear in mind when using something like a plaid for that pattern is that the gather means that the fabric pattern won’t be straight up and down on the bodice section, only on the skirt. I made it from houndstooth and you’ll see what I mean if you look at my dress. It hadn’t occurred to me before I made it and actually I really love the effect, but depending on how big a pattern your plaid is, it will be more pronounced.

    As for the Peony, I made a version I like but I couldn’t get the bodice to fit how I wanted – I hope you have a better luck with it as it’s such a lovely classic dress.

    Lovely to see you back and blogging again, good luck with your plans

    K x

    1. Ooh, good point. That hadn’t even crossed my mind! The largest element of the cheque pattern is about 1″ so I may swap and use the navy wool for the 6000 and the plaid for the peony… I love your version of 6000!

  3. Having done View C as well I agree with Kerry – you might find a whole heap of pain in using plaid! Glad to see you blogging again, sending good thoughts your way xxx

    1. Thanks for the heads up! It’s safe to say that what fabric I’m using for what has already shifted quite dramatically 🙂 Same patterns (with maybe one or two others thrown in), same fabrics, just different combos.

  4. I just made the Colette Peony in a suiting fabric (not wool, but not sure exactly what it was) and I love it. A wool version would be great for fall/winter.

    1. I’m gonna be using a gorgeous milk chocolate wool with a fine duck egg blue stripe in it for my Peony. I’m also going to re-work the bodice as when I tried on Harry’s Dress again I noticed a few issues I didn’t like (arm scye too low, fabric under bust…) I did cheat though and just grade between sizes rather than doing a proper FBA, so I’ll do it properly this time!

  5. So glad to see you back, my friend 🙂 It was hard not to send a post or email but I wanted to respect your wishes & have been thinking of you & sending love your way constantly 🙂 *hugs*

    Isn’t planning soothing? 🙂 Yours sound great! I did a fall/winter plan too but I may be in over my head! lol. The only one of your bunch I’ve sewn was the Peony, and I had lots of trouble with the neckline, but I know you’ve sewn it before so I’m sure it’ll be great ^_^

    1. Thanks for thinking of me! I suspect my plans are slightly ridiculous in their ambition, but that’s the fun of dream sewing, if I get even three of these done I’ll be super happy!

  6. I’m glad to see you back, too! I’ve been thinking about you lots. Hoping you feel a little better every day.

    I like the sound of your plans! You’ve chosen such nice patterns! And I love that you really have developed a style and know what you like to wear– that’s so simple, but goes a long way towards making you feel comfortable and beautiful! My office is the same way (when I’m in the office, I swap between on-site and in the office every two weeks or so), hot one moment and cold the next! So aggravating!

    1. Hello you! Thank you too for thinking of me. I’m glad I’m not the only one who works in a cranky building. It’s taken a while but I think I may have finally found what I like to wear…

  7. Good to see you back….I’ve been thinking of you and itching to email but really wanted to respect your wishes.
    I love your plans and cannot wait to see them in action. I haven’t made any of these dresses but hanker after Peony and N6000.
    Big hugs. xx

  8. Welcome back!
    I attempted the last New Look. I cut the bodice and it was SUPER small. I haven’t decided was I’m doing with it. Biggest sewing disappointment…

    1. Ah, thanks for the heads up! I’ll try and remember that… I tend to go off the finished garment sizes quite a lot to try and avoid being bitten in the bum, but I’ll be extra careful with that one!

  9. You have some lovely plans in place. Dreaming of sewing and diving headfirst into a project is great therapy (trust me). I haven’t sewn any of these patterns, but I am excited to see what you make of them. My plans are also often more involved that the sewing that actually gets done, but there is nothing wrong with that.

    Welcome back friend, we are glad to have you in the sewing community.

  10. Simplicity 2724 looks gorgeous! I’ve got New Look 6000 but keep getting distracted by pretty summer dresses!
    I’ve been battling Peony. The bodice just does not work on me, so I’m substituting a sleeveless Simplicity 2444 bodice and using the Peony skirt. I hope….
    Enjoy your sewing 🙂

    1. Good luck with the bodice! I’m lucky in that I haven’t had any major problems with it although I’m about to try and seriously tweak the fit as when I revisited Harry’s Dress (version 1) I noticed a ton of stuff I’m not that happy with… A culprit of sewing to a deadline I suspect!

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