Sewing Plans, Progress and Stuff

Not a poetic blog post title, but there we go!

I’ve started sewing – Simplicity 2588 in the Prince of Wales wool that I’d originally earmarked for New Look 6000.  Until of course that some lovely people pointed out that the plaid wouldn’t be square about the neckline due to the waist dart/pleat things!  On a plaid this size (2″ish) that would be really really noticeable and really really annoy me!

So, I opted to use it for a dress that I can make with no tracing, no fitting and just get on with!  Enter Simplicity 2588 that I made earlier this year.  I went for a circle skirt again as I had enough fabric left.  Although it’s not going to be a true circle as having sewn up one of the seams I was serging the seam allowances and cut a ruddy great hole in one of the panels.  So, it’ll be a nearly circle skirt and there will be no form of matching on the back seam at all.  But I wont have to look at that so I’m not going to stress it (although there was some choice language at the time…).

I need to insert the zip and then let it hang for a while whislt I construct the lining.  Much as I love wool, I don’t want it next to bare skin, so a full lining this will have.  Hopefully by the end of tomorrow, all I’ll need to do is hem…

So that’s the progress!

Now for the plans…  I managed to get a pre-loved copy of Simplicty 2444 from eBay and have also, thanks to Joanne, ordered some lovely fabric at the princely sum of £3.49 a metre.  What I can’t decide is which to use!  Do I go for the birds or the stars?

Fantasia Stars Navy from Fabricland
House Martins Black from Fabricland

Both fabrics are from Fabric Land in Brighton, who have a great selection at a great price.  The website isn’t my cup of tea and you need to ring to order.  I don’t mind the phone call (the person I spoke to was super helpful and really friendly) but I’m not a fan of the site design.  I’m more than willing to overlook it though for £3.49/m fabric – particularly when others are selling the exact same print at the best part of £12/m!

I’ll be going for the simple version of S2444 with short sleeves.  No collar or anything for my first go at the pattern.  If you want some inspiration there are some stunners out there in blog land!  Not only Joanne’s version, but Roisin at Dolly Clacket has made this pattern a number of times and Dibs, DapperDuds, Gemma and ElevenStitches have all made versions.  In fact, just google image search the pattern for a ton of inspiration instantly.

And now to the ‘stuff’!  Having sourced the perfect cotton sateen for my Peony in a gorgeous chocolate brown with a random cream polkadot pattern, I called the shop to order to only be told that someone had come in the day before and bought 9m of it and that there was only a meter left!  Aaarrgggghhhhh!

So I gave up on the interwebs and went to my local bricks and mortar store as I needed lining anyway.  For once my luck was in – they were having one of their completely unpredictable and unadvertised stock clearances where random (to me) bolts are reduced and sample lengths are sold.  I scored a beautiful milk chocolate wool with a duck egg blue stripe for £10/m rather than the £15/m it was before being put on sale.  I’ll admit that this is the top end of my price range, but it is gorgeous (and was the same price after discount as the sateen would have been)!

Nom Nom – Milk Chocolate Wool!

I also got other necessities such as 22″ invisible zips (how can they vary from £1.59 to £1.99 for a zip that is in effect identical apart from the colour?!), thread and lining for Simplicity 2588 that I’m currently making and more to match the duck egg blue stripes in the wool for the Peony.  I have enough lining fabric in my collection for the other wools I already posess (well apart from the grey wool for the Vogue 8280 – I want to line that in hot pink, but I’d spent enough for this month!).

I Love the Cadbury’s Purple and rich chocolate combination

I also got this gorgeous cotton print for £7/m.  I love the aubergine with the latte colour back ground.  It’s my idea of autumn!  I think I’ll use that on New Look 6070.  Which means the teal plaid will probably get used on New Look 6968New Look 6000 is going to be made from a beautiful navy wool that Annabelle swapped with me, if I can eak it out!

20 thoughts on “Sewing Plans, Progress and Stuff

  1. I love your plans and I also love that I have just washed a piece of fabric with a bird print. Great minds….

  2. Oh, WOW, these are some exciting plans! Your previous Simplicity 2588 dress is my favorite of all your makes, so I’m looking forward to seeing it again! As far as 2444 goes, my vote is for the birds! Yum!

    1. I may well take your advice! I think the stars warrant a party dress of some sort? Or maybe for me to get brave and dress a little louder every so often!

      1. The stars will make a fab dress, too! And the chocolate stripe… and the other… well, OK, these will ALL be fab! Can’t wait to see ’em!

  3. the birds are great! i nearly bought them again! 😛 where was the chocolatey and stripey fabric from? it is gorgeous! 😀

    1. As long as you don’t mind me plagiarising your version too much?!
      Edit: I’m a numpty and got confused; Same fabric, different dress (Joanne did same dress, different bird fabric)! The stripy fabric is from my local bricks and mortar store Anglian Fashion Fabrics. They don’t have a website, but they may be able to take a telephone order? Unfortunately their receipts just say how many units you bought at what price – no stock code or anything! Give me a yell if you want any help though…

      1. are you making the “walkaway dress”? i am confused lol! that is the one where i used some bird print fabric on. 😛

  4. I can’t wait to see your next version of Mary’s dress! This style suits you really well and is just a lot of fun to wear – especially with the full skirt. For Simplicity 2444 I love the bird fabric. Actually I love it so much I want to buy it too 😉

  5. I agree the Fabricland website is really not good at all, however if you are ever lucky enough to go into the shops they are usually well laid out and the staff are super helpful, knowledegable and friendly

    1. The saving grace really is the staff at the end of the phone! Always friendly and helpful – if I am ever near one of their shops I think I’ll love browsing and shopping in it!

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