I’ve finally hemmed my dress and I wore it to work yesterday.  I hope to get some photos over the weekend as it is pitch black when I get home in the evening.  The mornings are chaos; so whilst the light is gorgeous, getting me and boy out of the door by 7:30 is, erm, interesting!

But that’s not what I’m dragging my heels about.  The scuffing in the carpet leading to my sewing room is all about the P word.  Peony.  Yup, the dress that seems to be the hardest dress to get the fit right on.

I know I’ve already made one version here.  But believe me that the fitting for that was dirty.  I literally graded between two sizes, sewed the thing together and wore it.

There are a number of things that are ‘off’ with it.  The shoulder seam is on the outside of my shoulder rather than on it.  The armscye ends somewhere around the middle of my bust.  The darts are close to being in the right place but are too high. There’s also quite a lot of excess fabric under the girls which needs sorting.

So, Saturday night (in the company of Strictly) I sat on our living room floor and re-traced the pattern.  I traced the correct size according to my high bust measurement and then did a proper FBA.  I tissue fit the bodice, marked my apex and then sorted out the dart placement and shaping.  All my usual fitting adjustments have been made; front, back and sleeve.

The flat pattern adjustments are done.  Finished and finito.

All I have to do is make a toile of the thing.  And that’s where I’m dragging my heels.  I’m scared that I’m going to get stuck in a hideous round of toile after toile after toile of this dress – which is ridiculous really! 

I guess I’m judging the pattern by its reputation rather than trusting it and my adjustments.  Seriously, there are four darts in the front, two in the back, two side seams and two shoulder seams.  I’ll then have a reasonable idea of where its heading.  If it looks OK I can put the sleeves in and then it’s final tweak time.  It’s not a lot of cutting or sewing.  Maybe an hour?  Two at most?  Definitely no more than an evening anyway!

Sheesh, I should just get this done.  I could be cutting wool and lining within 24 hours if I stop procrastinating and even have a dress within 48…  Time to stop dithering and get on with it…

And if you fancy some a stitchy surprise under the tree in December, have a look at the Sew Very Merry Christmas Swap I’m organising – Just under 10 more days to add your name if you fancy it!

18 thoughts on “Procrastinating

    1. Sorry hun! I replied to you yesterday with my phone but Blackberry’s are stoopid and it didn’t post 😦 Roll on birthday money for an i-Phone!
      Anyhoo, I don’t see why you couldn’t completely rock this look!

  1. I made a bodice muslin – it’s pretty quick. I just unpicked and re-sewed my darts and moved them to get a general idea… four times… might have been five…
    I did wish when I made my lemon Peony that I had paid as much attention to the back. The front was OK but the back was very wide across my neck.
    I decided to have mine as a looser fit – it’s cooler in summer for me and I don’t think everything has to be super snug. It’s nice when it skims and I just use a belt to define my shape a little more.
    If I were you I would just do some internet surfing and look for girls with a similar build and see what they did. That’s my secret…. doh! not any more!!
    Heavens I’m bossy! *shut up Lizzy*

  2. To be perfectly and honestly honest – this isn’t a good pattern for you. I certainly wouldn’t make it for myself. If you really want this pattern, alter the neckline, make a deep scoop or a v, and make the skirt wider at the hem. But good luck with it! 🙂

    1. The skirt in v1 isn’t the peony skirt! Its the Burda Jenny skirt and I’m not going there again! It’ll be an A-line this time around… Thank you for the suggestions on the neck line, I may well end up altering it.

  3. I’ve heard so many fitting issues about this dress that it scares me (because I’m so lazy to work on toiles) but I’ve also seen so many great versions that I don’t think you should give up on it! Maybe you can parcel out the toile into manageable chunks and before you know it it will be done.

    1. I’ve done round 1 now and it really isn’t that bad. The bodice comes together so ridiculously fast! Tonight I plan on sorting out the tightness across my broad mid-back. Waist and shoulders are down, it’s just the bit between the armscyes that’s tight if I put my arms forward. One solution is to go up a size in that area… Will keep researching and see where it leads me!

  4. I had the worst time with this bodice; your first version is better than mine so I think with your more thorough adjustments you might be ok – where I had issues (and I think lots of others too, was in neck gape, which it doesn’t look like you have – yay, lucky you! ;))

    1. It’s going OK so far – got to shorten and shift a dart a little bit and also had to rotate out some neck gape but the front of the bodice is now sorted! Just got to sort my perpetual broad back issue… There are some interesting solutions out there; slashing & spreading in various ways & going up a back size to name just a few. That’ll be my task tonight I think; re-muslin the front and go up a size in the back and asses with the sleeves this time as it was tight in the back even without them!

      1. I almost think tightness would be easier to deal with than excess, because it’s easier to tell where to add fabric than where to take away, and how 😛 I think with any alteration, the trouble is (as you say) there’s SO many ways to deal with it that it becomes confusing as to which ones to do, especially when you have several adjustments to make 😛

  5. I love that color on you – it looks great! For the christmas swap – are we sending supplies to another sewist, or are we actually sewing the garment and sending it to them?

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