Sew Very Merry Christmas Swap Button / Widget!

I have finally got round to sorting out a widget button thingy for the swap!  It’s not very fancy as I am still trying to sum up the courage to spring for Photoshop, but I hope you’ll like it?!


Here’s the code you need:

<div align=”center”><a
href=”; title=”Vicki Kate Makes”><img src=”; alt=”vickikatemakes” /></a></div>
<div align=”center”></div>

I’d love it if you could share the button on your blog!  I’m really looking forward to this swap, it’s shaping up to be a good-un!



12 thoughts on “Sew Very Merry Christmas Swap Button / Widget!

    1. Hmm, I don’t know. I just used a text widget and pasted it in…
      I’ll double check it when I get home (we’re in Homebase buying paint for Boy’s bedroom…) to make sure its right…
      sent from my overzealous spell checking phone… please excuse brevity and typos.

      1. Oh lord…Homebase on a Sunday…that’s brave. It might just be my sight being rubbish.

      2. We survived! And bought paint for his new room that we’re doing for his Christmas present. I’m in charge of the curtains – about £180ish for a roman blind and pencil pleat curtains excluding my time… But its a 3m window so anyone else doing it would be three times the price!
        But, back on topic, I’ve emailed you with the html code copied from the widget in my side bar so I really hope that works!

      3. Thanks for the widget…I’ll give it a go today. Technology drives me nuts. I’m just planning a redecoration of the wee small boy’s room – I’m going for a Brit Boy look. London, Union Jacks, cars! It should be good…I hope so. I won’t be starting till early next year but always make the Roman blinds and curtains. Far too expensive to have them made, and you can never find exactly what you want.

      4. It’ll be my first go at curtains or roman blinds. I’m researching my butt off to make sure I don’t muck it up as there’s 2.5 widths in each curtain and 2 in the blind (which may be made as two separate blinds… Is 2m+ too much for one blind?!)
        Your plans sound amazing for your boy’s room.

      5. That width should be fine for a window…you just need to add more cording to support the weight across the width. If you need to pick my brains on this do email me. I’ve made 7 Roman blinds for this house, plus curtains, including a patio curtain (all lined or interlined) and have made for money before now. I’d be glad to help.

      6. Oh! I think wordpress does something fancy to them in the post text. How annoying! Hmm, will have to have a think as to how to get round that in the future cos there’s a lot of “!

    1. Yay for winning against widgets! You would not believe how long it took me to work the code out, I seriously take my hat off to anyone who can do fancy stuff with code. It’ll be wordpress templates for me all the way as far as blog design goes!

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