This Week…

I’ve been pretty quiet!  Basically because Boy has a nasty cough / cold / virus so needs a lot of love and looking after and work has been a bit nuts.  I’m starting to run on empty, but it’s my birthday tomorrow (hip hip – and there’s something in it for you guys too!) and I’ve got a day off next week to do with as I please, and I intend to sew…

So these are some snap shots of my week:  Most of it has been tidying and organising my sewing space.  I think I’ve finally cracked the best layout of things that need to be in this room to make it work well for me!  I’m odd in that I find moving furniture around cathartic.  It feels like a whole new room!

We’ve also ripped everything out of the room that will become Boy’s.  That window is 2.65m!  I’ve even liberated Husband’s power tools and used them in anger – taking down old curtain rails (Boy’s Room) and putting up Ikea storage (Sewing Room!).

All of this with my hair held back with the cutest hair scarves by LuckyLucille!  I don’t know which one I love more – the Washi print or the polka dots (I will get some photos of me wearing them at some point…)

I’ve organised and boxed my patterns, put magazines in racks, and bought my 2013 calendar.  My serger has been carefully cleaned and oiled (and sounds a LOT happier!) and I’ve bought, wrapped and packed my Sewing Secret Santa gift that’ll be posted on Monday.

I also received two patterns I was lucky enough to win from Melizza and a beautiful jewel tone and textured card.

So whilst there’s been no sewing, it’s been quite a productive week!  I hope you’ve all had a good few days and that my American friends have enjoyed Thanks Giving and any Black Friday shopping splurges!  (I may have bought a Craftsy Course…)


12 thoughts on “This Week…

    1. It really really does! I’ve finally finished my Peony bodice muslin and think I’ve nailed it, so that’ll be next then Simplicity 2444 carefully spaced around curtain sewing!

  1. Moving furniture around is great! You keep seeing what you’ve done and feel clever & useful 🙂
    I see you have the Dorling Kindersley Sewing Book, is it good? I was considering getting it as a go-to guide.

  2. I love to move furniture too… As a matter of fact I think I am due! I too have been organizing all my sewing things- going through fabrics, sorting through patterns, etc. Makes me feel so much more organized and relaxed while I sew…

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