Looking Forward…

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve! A day of hopefulness if ever there was one.

These are my plans for the next 365 days…

Make a veil for my Babyiest sister for her wedding in June. Seriously – these things cost a ton of money and she can’t find anything that she loves so, in a moment of weakness whilst looking at her in her wedding dress at a fitting, I said I’d make her one. I’m slowly amassing the supplies I need (which will be about £50-60 total) to rip-off the veil she liked in the bridal store. That was priced at £150. And the one I’ve got planned is going to have real Swarovski crystals on it (which is to be honest the most expensive bit, the rest costs about £10!)

Choose 5 or 6 patterns that I am definitely going to definitely make this year. Rather than pretend that I’ll get through the list of 24 I started with I’ve chosen the following as VIMs (Very Important Makes) for 2013:

Sewaholic Cambie (Lizzy, I’m hoping your pox is infectious!)

Sewaholic Alma (Leopard print with a contrasting black peter pan collar and short sleeves)

Vogue 1247 (I’m late to this particular party, but I have high hopes…)

Tula Pink Turtle Bay in Indigo

Simplicity 2444 (I have the above fabric in mind for this – there’s people playing on the back of a turtle!)

McCalls 4643 (a fleecy dressing gown for Boy)


Butterick 5748 (Completely and utterly inspired by Roisin at Dolly Clackett)

I’d like to get these all done in the first 6 months of the year. But I’m also aware that may not happen as my Babyiest sister’s wedding gets ever closer, and she inevitably panics ever more! Once my Peony is finished, it’ll be Boy’s dressing gown and then the Vogue I think… Then dresses!

I’ve also decided to set myself some challenges this year:

1. No more fabric shopping (hoped for London trip excepted, that’s my one free pass) – I have a lot of lovely fabric in my sewing room and it needs to be turned into clothes; Father Christmas was very good to me this year and I’ll bore you all silly with it soon! I am allowed to purchase some notions though (zips, lining, thread, machine needles).

2. No more patterns – again I have way more patterns that I have the time to sew. Plus I can make a note of those that I wish for in my stitchy wish list ready to refer to when it rolls round to birthday and Christmas time!

3. Pay off my credit card. Lladybird has completely inspired this one. I don’t think I’ll be getting a new machine at the end of it though (which she also saved for!). I just want rid of the thing!

PS. I’ve also got a lovely new iron… It’s a Tefal GV8461 Pro Express Steam Generator Iron. Being me I researched the life out of it and decided that I needed to be able to remove the tank to fill it up and that I wanted LOTS of steam and this fit the bill. I also managed to get it whilst it was on offer (but it was still a hefty chunk of money) but it if lasts as long as the other one it’ll be a good investment. Once I’ve used it for a while I’ll do a proper review if you’re interested?

28 thoughts on “Looking Forward…

  1. I love your idea of VIMs! May have to make my very own list. I’m with you on a number of your challenges…no more patterns/fabric and pay off credit card! Although I swore to stash-bust at the start if this year too and yet have ended the year with far more fabric than I started with…!!!

  2. Great plan! I love the fabric with the people on the back of a turtle! So awesome! And I know you will accomplish all you have set your mind to PLUS extra! Happy 2013!!

  3. I agree , having VIMs is a good way to prioritise!! I recognise a few of the patterns on your VIM list and look forward to seeing how you bring them to life. Happy new year! And good luck with sewing for your sisters wedding – making her veil is a lovely idea

  4. Oh, yay, what a fun list of VIM’s! I love all of these– the fabric for Simplicity 2444 is amazing, and Butterick 5748 and the Cambie dress will look great on you! I want to try Vogue 1247, too– it just seems so fun and modern! I’ve got my eye on a leopard-print top, too! So fun!

    I’m so excited that you’re making a veil for your sis! I hope it won’t be too stressful! It will mean so much to her that you’re contributing something so special and unique to her big day!

      1. I’m a little nervous because I’m a pretty messy, slipshod sort, and all of those precise corners and seams in the top seem like a massive opportunity for failure! I’m tempted to give it a try, though!

      2. Think of it as meditative zen sewing…. That’s what I’m going to do! Oh and use a print so that if it is a bit wonky no one will be able to tell!

      3. Ahhh! Great idea! I actually have the perfect lightweight print lying around in my stash, if I can figure out how to orient everything so the print doesn’t look too chaotic!

  5. I love that indigo fabric–that’s going to be an amazing dress! Also, an iron with a removable water tank??? Why don’t they all have this feature?! Sometimes it’s the small things that blow my mind. . .

  6. Love the list …. I’m in list avoidance mode currently ….. might make it yet LOL. Congrats on the new iron too BTW and its not in the least bit nuts to be a little bit in love with an iron 😉

    1. I can understand the avoidance! I know that if I don’t write things down I forget which is why the list is also written out in my sewing room!
      I’ve done regular laundry ironing and seam pressing with my iron now, and the love affair is getting worse! I need to make some bias tape later, so I’ll see how that goes…

  7. Mmm that Butterick 5748 is gorgeous! I just love the bow in the back.
    ha I’m with you on the pattern shopping. I have SO many that I haven’t even touched, but yet I keep. buying. more. Like right now I’m super tempted to buy that Butterick pattern. ha but no I must resist, or try to at least.

    I’d definitely be interested in that review. I’m looking for a new iron myself so it’d be nice to see how you’ve liked that one.

    Happy 2013 Vicki. 🙂

    1. Thank you Haylee! I’ll definitely be doing a write up of the iron as its so different to a ‘normal’ one but also my previous one was so old I’m not sure the comparison will be entirely fair to newer ones!

      Happy New Year to you as we’ll!

  8. I love your plans and think it is so wise to focus on 5-6 patterns that you really want to finish. I love Butterick 5748 and have that pattern sitting my stash as well.

  9. Please may I give you a warning re Simplicity 2444, I finished this before Christmas and will blog it in the next few days. I had horrendous issues with the fut, luckily I did a muslin first. I am also busty but this required serious adjustment in the shoulder and front neck area and I believe others have had similar issues. I slashed the neck. darted it and pivoted this out and ended up with a good result. Hope this helps

    1. Thank you for the heads up! I always have to toile first because of themselves FBAs I always need, but its really god to know that the neck may need a little tweaking too. Can’t wait to see your version!

  10. VIMs are a great idea! My list isn’t as extensive as yours, but I wrote up my sewing resolutions last week. It’s going to be a great sewing year, I think.

    1. I hope so, for us all! I have to admit to getting all spread-sheety on my plan to sew from the stash and only shop for notions. It’s embarrassing the number of garments I can make with the simple purchase of some thread or a zipper!

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