First Finished Item of 2013: M4643

The first make of 2013; completed yesterday the 1st January!  This is McCalls 4643 a pattern for toddler PJs and Robe, made for Boy.


I haven’t got any pictures of him wearing it yet as he was too tired this evening.  When I asked if he wanted his picture taken (which normally involves a big ‘Yes’ and then ‘Can I see?’) he decided to snuggle into my neck instead and say ‘No, not now Mummy, I need cuddles’.  I guess the first day back at the childminder’s is as tiring as the first day back at work after a break!  I’m kinda glad to be heading towards some kind of routine though…


Anyway, back to fleecy snuggly dressing gowns!  Boy chose the fabrics himself (via a computer monitor) and elected for the stripy fleece (Fabric Land) and then asked for some giraffes (FQ from Frumble) which feature on the bias binding.  All of this was bought in 2012 as I knew I wanted to have it made ready for his birthday (this Saturday – he’ll be 3!)


It is a ridiculously fast pattern to make.  All in about two hours and that includes pattern tracing and bias tape making!  By far and away the most time consuming bit was the bias tape making – I always forget how much bias tape you can get from a FQ too.  There was enough to go all the way around the dressing gown rather than hemming the bottom edge, as well as do the cuffs.  There is only about 6″ left now though.


The main construction was done on my serger.  I did a flat fell seam in the hood and along the neckline as I was worried raw edges or serged seams might irritate skin or catch in his hair.  They’re not the neatest seams, but they do what they need to do and as it’s fleece you can hardly see the stitching anyway!


The only other variation I made to the pattern was to add the hanging hook, which makes it easier for him to deal with.  Hanging it from the hood wasn’t an ideal situation to my mind!  I also top stitched the belt as the fleece is quite stretchy and I wanted to add some stability to it.

I’ll definitely be making this again – it’s an incredibly quick win and very cheap to make.  This cost me £11.11 including the cost of the pattern.  There is a ton of growing room in this current version – it’s down to his ankles and would go round him twice!  I should have made the size 2 rather than the 3, but he loves it and that’s all that really matters.

From Bellissimo Speciality Cakes – click to go and see her amazing blog

I hoped to have my Peony done by the end of this week; I cut the lining fabric this evening so all I need to do is construct it and insert it, but there is the small matter of conjuring up some sort of Pirate Cake for Boy’s birthday this weekend!  Sewing will have to take a back seat for a little while, but I don’t mind – I enjoy baking and decorating cakes so it’ll be fun, and apart from anything else it’s for Boy!  The cake above is my starting point, so that’ll be two round sponges made tomorrow night.  Now where’s my Mary Berry baking book…

13 thoughts on “First Finished Item of 2013: M4643

  1. So cute – I particularly love the giraffe bias binding. Such adorable fabric. It reminds me a bit of a Joseph coat even though there are not quite so many colours hehe!

  2. What a great project, and I love how you let him pick out the fabric himself. It looks so warm and cozy, something definitely needed this time of year.

  3. Oh this is so cute! Love it, especially the giraffe trim. 🙂 Wishing the Boy a very happy birthday!

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