Sewaholic Alma; Late to the Party

This was made and completed in January.  I’m just useless at taking photos and blogging with any sort of reliability!  It was made for Jungle January and made in time; just the photos and blogging let it down…  Ooops!

God I’m a moody stand-offish cow in photos!

I’ve fulfilled some ambitions with this top though; peter pan collar, animal print and a fitted blouse!  I love the side zip as the blouse has shape but I don’t have to worry about the unfortunate combination of a full bust, buttons and gaping.  I have another version of this already planned in a Japanese slubbed cotton.


It’s a fast make too and I’m not a particularly quick sewasaurus.  The only change I made other than my usual fitting ones was to use bias tape instead of the neck facing.  I used the Colette Sorbetto method of attaching it and did the same at the armholes rather than using the piece Tasia had carefully drafted (Sorry Tasia!).

See, I can smile!

I did find making the collar meet nicely in the middle a bit of a pain, and also sewing the curves on the collar so that it looked as symmetrical as I could get it was a test of patience.  I’m glad I took some time to get it right though as I think the collar looks pretty good and not at all home-eccy!


25 thoughts on “Sewaholic Alma; Late to the Party

  1. Now girl THAT’S ATTITUDE. Fabulous! I love the black collar!!!
    Next time I make it with the collar I’m going to run some ease stitches around the neckline as I found I needed those to get the collar to meet nicely.
    Such a great job and I LOVE your smile picture – no maudy (was that the word?) cow there!!

    1. Thanks Lizzy! Nearly there with the slang; mardy is the word you were looking for! I wanted a solid colour so it didn’t get lost and I love the contrast!

  2. Ooo! Your Alma is lovely, the animal print looks great. Isn’t this pattern fab?! I’ve made four already (!) and used bias tape as facing too. I just find it so much easier than faffing about with facing pieces.

  3. Beautiful blouse!
    I finished an Alma too. I just haven’t blogged it yet.
    I found the facing tricky too. I’ll have to check out adding bias. Not exactly sure how to do that…
    Anyway, great make!

    1. I bet you look fabulous in it! I just use bias tape and attach it the same way as a facing and then either hand stitch it down or in this cas I used my machine as the collar hides the line of stitching! I use the sorbetto method of finishing the circle.

  4. Haha, you should have used the second to last photo as the first one – I love it! The black collar is the perfect accent for the main fabric. Alma is such a great pattern, I wore my two a lot before I got my little baby bump – now they are both too short (and let’s face it, too tight).

  5. I love this, there’s something almost contradictory about the leopard animal print and the peter pan collar. Very cool! And, you have the animal attitude to wear it well! 🙂

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