McCalls 5248 with a Dash of Minoru; A Blanket I Can Wear!

And this is my most recent finished item.  If I could, I would live in it.  I had a massive fleecy blanket in a beautiful purple/plum colour.  When we had all the snow I spent a lot of time hiding in it.  I was wearing it like some insane cape type thing, walking around the house when Boy made a simple observation:  “Why don’t you make a dressing gown Mummy like mine then you’d be warm and your arms would work”.  From the mouths of babes…  And my blanket is now properly wearable!


I used McCalls 5248, originally bought for Karen’s Pyjama Party last year.  I traced out the robe pattern and then added the hood from Sewaholic’s Minoru jacket.  I was going to leave the hood, but consultation with Twitter advised that it should stay.  I’m glad I listened!

I deviated from the pattern in a few ways; the hood, adding length, using bias binding instead of turning and hemming, oh and using a fleece blanket instead of a woven!  This pattern has a facing around the front of the robe so that the shawl collar doesn’t show the wrong side of the fabric.  I included it because I wanted the right side to face out and because I wanted to add some flat piping.

As a result it’s really snugly around the shoulders and in the hood although it does add a lot of bulk because it’s two layers of thick fleece!  But hey, this isn’t seduction wear.  This is I wanna walk around wearing a blanket wear!


I constructed this entirely on my regular machine.  There are some seriously wonky seams in places  but as it’s such a plush fabric you really can’t tell.  As it’s a knit I haven’t worried about finishing any seams either, although I did bind the inside edge of the facing.  I’m really pleased with this most unflattering of makes; it’s like walking around in a big hug and it keeps me warm!!


18 thoughts on “McCalls 5248 with a Dash of Minoru; A Blanket I Can Wear!

  1. ‘A big hug’ what a beautiful description. I’ve got a red wool dressing gown which my mother made for my grandmother, it’s over 30 years old, still perfect. I call it my mobile blanket 🙂
    Love that colour! Awesome fashion advice from the little lad!

  2. You are so funny Vicki! I would have never thought to make a wearable blanket. It sure does look cozy – and with the terribly cold weather I’ve been experiencing a wearable blanket does sound warm and cuddley.

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