Alexander Henry May Break Me

We’re nearly half way through the second month of 2013 and I am having to apply some extreme will power not to buy some new fabric.

Frumble have some Alexander Henry ‘Home Sewing is Easy’ fabric in stock. For a period of time this was quite hard to track down in the UK. I have always loved this print and ever since Sarah at Rhinestones and Telephones as well as the gorgeous Roisin at Dolly Clackett made dresses from this fabric I have wanted to follow in their footsteps.

Stunning Sarah
Gorgeous Roisin

Like Roisin, I am in love with this dress:

Limb Dress

The print is a departure from my normal aesthetic but it would be so much fun to wear at weekends and on days off! And I do want to make some loud print dresses…

The skirt is easy to approximate and I could ‘borrow’ the bodice from V8727 or maybe Colette’s Parfait or Chantilly. Or get brave and work out how to draft something similar – particularly as V8727 and Parfait would mean buying a new pattern as well as fabric (but then if I’m going to be the first to break the jar pledge, maybe I should do it in style?!).

This wouldn’t be an immediate project though; I have a veil to make, pattern testing to finish and a dress for a wedding to do too, as well as a massive ‘to sew’ list.

What do I do? Do I stand strong and resist the urge to splurge? Do I wait and see if there’s still the yardage I need when it comes to pay day and decide it’s fate or do I just go shopping?! I’m going to miss Lizzy at the London Meet Up in April too which was going to be a free pass on fabric shopping (included in my jar pledge) so maybe this one length could be a consolation prize? Or maybe I should take another leaf from Sarah’s book and have a penalty jar?!

Being more conservative, there is the B&W version here:

I still love the version with all the colours though, even if the B&W version would be more subtle…

What to do, what to do?!


23 thoughts on “Alexander Henry May Break Me

  1. I say buy it, and buy it in colour. Put some money in the penalty jar and don’t feel bad. This fabric is hard to find – it’s from 2008 so you might not be able to get it again! I’m on a self-imposed shopping ban at the moment but I have allowed myself exceptions – it has to be something that’s been on my wishlist and I have to be able to justify it. So far that’s only amounted to one thing – a pair of navy Topshop shoes from 2007 that I have seen on eBay for the first time in my size since I’ve had them on my watch list – I’ve been watching for them for years! I thought I might not see them again so I bought them. I’d apply the same logic to this fabric 🙂

    As for the issue about colour – if you’re doing it, go with what caught your eye and buy it in colour! And for the pattern, well I can’t say BUT I have an uncut Parfait that’s yours if you want it – I’m unlikely to sew from it again x

  2. I agree. Go for it. It’s a special piece. Like art.
    You had a tough 2012 and this will start off 2013 on a super good note.
    You regret more things that you don’t do! How’s that for enabling?

      1. Definitely not wrong! A student brought 2 pieces of fabric into class today, not sure of what to make with them – she went home practically drooling over all the suggestions put forward!

  3. I’m hoping I’ve read that right and you’ve ordered the fabric. If you don’t you’ll kick yourself to Aberdeen and back for not doing it! Honestly, if a fabric is speaking to you so much you really do need it!

  4. Oh, the fabric is so fun! It’s good to leap out of your comfort zone sometimes. Otherwise, you get too comfortable :). I like the colour better than the black and white. It just ‘fits’ the theme better.

  5. I’m so glad you bought it!! I love that fabric, it’s utterly wonderful, and if I ever saw it for sale over here I’d break my no-new-fabric pledge as well. 😉 Looking forward to seeing what you make from it!

    1. You would look amazing in this print! I hope you can get some one day. I’ve bought four metres so I have no limits on the pattern mash-up. I was so tempted to buy more just so I could frame it!

  6. I’m so glad you found me…cos now I can follow you! I love this dress idea. it’s actually something I’ve thought about doing for a while. I want to find a pattern and play with it before making it into a comic book dress. Maybe for the next Comic Book Day here in town. Thanks for the inspiration!

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