Re-Engineered Peony

It only took about an hour to re-engineer my Peony to fix some of the fit problems I had.  It’s still not 100% perfect but I’m happier with it and happy enough with the fit.


Jeez it was cold taking these photos!  -1’c!  Which I know for some of you guys is warm, but we’d had quite a balmy (for February) weekend with temps of about 8’c so this was a little bit of a shock.


And I thought I’d show you the mess we’re making in the back garden at the moment.  Husband is in the process of dismantling the old conservatory and we hope to build a garden room across the back this summer.  He scared the living daylights out of me when there was an almighty crash and a large lump of roof hit the deck along with the ladder.  Thankfully he was fine although as he took it to pieces we realised just how badly it had been built and that standing on the roof really wasn’t a good idea as there wasn’t much attaching it to the house!


PS.  Don’t forget the give away of Wendy’s Travelling Pattern Stash!


21 thoughts on “Re-Engineered Peony

    1. Thanks Lizzy! They’re my work shoes and I will reheel and resole them untill the cobbler tells me they’re beyond redemption. I’ve been wearing them over two years already! Best £40 ever!

      1. I just spent $30 getting my fave boots re-heeled and soled… might make it to the meet-up (weather depending) but you wont’ be there. *sob* you shall be a drunk hen somewhere… having a blast! LOL

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