Well, Hi There.

I know, I know.  I nearly bust your reader for a couple of weeks and then drop off the face of the earth!  Sorry about that but I can explain – my husband lent the SD card out of my camera to a mate of his when they went on a stag weekend at the end of March (February, I meant February!) and it hasn’t been returned to me.

So I could describe to you my V1247 skirt with a lot of added length, or my Cambie but you want pretty pictures, don’t you?

So, I intend to pin Phil down at the wedding on Friday and make him give me my SD card back and also take some photos of me in the said Cambie so I can have a pretty post to show you over the weekend…

I also have fabric to share (I fell off the wagon big style last month, but I’ll be good again now…) and I’ve also started to make a quilt (only a little one mind you).  But you know, this is all visual stuff and I’ve got no memory card!  Maybe I should attack Phil before Friday…  Beating up the best man over a memory card may not be too well received!

Oh, and I have to join the general sulk about the weather (c’mon, today’s supposed to be the first day of spring and it’s still cold and grey!) and don’t get me started on Google Reader.  I don’t like Feedly and I’m hoping to goodness that Mr Reader comes up with a work round because I love that app.  And as for Bloglovin’ it’s insisting on sending me an email with a link I have to click but I NEVER get the email and it’s not in my spam folder either.  So head, meet desk.

Random Spring Picture from Google Images – just so you’ve got something pretty to look at!

6 thoughts on “Well, Hi There.

  1. Go get him….he can’t hold your SD card hostage like that! I’m with you on the Reader issue…tried and hated Feedly. Bloglovin’ is bonkers. Husband is doing some rummaging around to find a solution…I shall share if we come up with something!

  2. Oh My God no SD card? That’s awful. Those pics on wedding day will be gorgeous (the dress will be wonderful, it goes without saying). Effortlessly stylish and well taken, of course. LOL. Don’t worry we’ll wait 🙂

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