Me Made May; Week 1

May wk 1 1


So the first week of MMMay ’13 is complete and I only missed Friday’s photo.  My excuse is that it was a crazy day as I worked for nine hours then drove for two to set up the caravan so we could camp for the bank holiday weekend.  Photos went out of the window!  We had a chat on Twitter on the 1st May about my new wheels up there; she’s crazy big but also necessary as we have to tow a caravan!  We’re trying to work out if it’s practical for me to use her as my car rather than my VW Golf day to day…  May is about a test drive too!

May Wk 1 2

As you can see, the first half of the week was all about Colette.  The second saw my Burda blouse that I haven’t worn in forever getting well used over the weekend which brought glorious sunshine.  Shame it hasn’t lasted but that’s the UK for you!  My V1247 skirt gets worn a LOT and I haven’t blogged it – always the way.  But in my defence there are so many reviews of the pattern out there already!  The only thing I did was drastically add to the length so it finishes at the knee rather than being as short as it is drafted – which is SHORT!

Please accept my apologies if I’m commenting on posts you wrote and published a week or so ago, I’ve only just caught up with my blog reader having been disconnected for the bank holiday weekend and then being stupid busy all this week, which doesn’t seem like it is going to let up anytime soon…  Work is busy, Husband’s (self employed) job is busier and we have an extension going up at the back of the house!  Oh and it’s less than six weeks before my sister gets married!

PS – don’t forget to enter my giveaway if you haven’t already, it ends Tuesday night!


23 thoughts on “Me Made May; Week 1

  1. Love your Burda Blouse. Such pretty fabric. Just remember you are amazing. All the stressy daily stuff to deal with and still you can knock out these lovely creations 🙂

    1. Thank you! I love our grockle shell (Cornish slang for caravan as a grockle is a tourist) as we explore far more than we would without it and its a lot warmer than the tent!

  2. I love your V1247 skirt – that fabric looks gorgeous! I know what you mean about the length though, I added quite a bit to both the versions I’ve made and still think I could have added more.
    Here’s hoping the Spring weather returns soon for us!

    1. It would be lovely if it warmed up again! The fabric came from fabric land and is a stretch drill. I think it was c£5 and I got the skirt out of a metre!

  3. Isn’t taking photos everyday the most difficult part of MMM?!
    Love the Burda blouse. We have had all kinds of weather while visiting this week.

  4. You’d never ever catch me camping in a tent, but I’d love a caravan. Fabulous with the kids, no? And let me get this right…you’re a mummy and wife, work in the world, support your husband and his business, have major building work on AND are participating in MMM!?!?!?!
    You. are. AWESOME!

    1. We love camping, tent or ‘van (although I do prefer the luxuries a van brings but a tent is fine for a night or two when the weather is good). I’m not awesome, I’m INSANE to have all of that going on. All though to be fair Husband is dealing with the vast majority of the building stuff!

  5. Sounds crazy busy, good on ya for having as many pictures as you do! Your me-mades look awesome and those red shoes are fabulous…

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