Me Made May; Week 2 and Some Winners!

I made it through another week!  And, I managed to get a full house of photos as well!  Although some don’t show the outfit too well.  Oops!

MMMay week 2 1

It was definitely the week of Simplicity 2588, I wore my work version twice and the blue roses version once.  So that’s nearly half the week in one pattern!  After that it was V1247 (again), Sencha (again, but at least photographed), and Cambie on Saturday.  You can see some of the building work we’re having done behind my Sencha photo.

MMMay week 2 2

Wearing dresses is much easier than mixing separates, but sometimes I need to wear trousers which is where lovely tops come in!  I really must break out Mathilde, Jasmine and Alma for next week!  And you can probably tell that as the week progressed I was getting more and more tired.  I am absolutely exhausted as I write this on the evening of the 16th.  One more day to the weekend…

But on to the much more interesting giveaway winners!

The fabric goes to: Eclectic Threads

The pattern of choice goes to: Lizzy at Sew Busy Lizzy who chose Jalie 2908 which is a jeans pattern

The vintage patterns and scarf go to: Silvia at Sewing Princess


I’m looking forward to the weekend, I’m hoping to actually do some sewing which is more than repairing things, which is all that’s happened this month so far.  You never know, I may get an hour or so to disappear upstairs with my machine!


14 thoughts on “Me Made May; Week 2 and Some Winners!

  1. Whoa, you’re having major works back there… Will it be a sewing area??? So excited about my prize! my first vintage patterns ever! I love the pattern Lizzy chose…she will look fab in them. Thanks again for the prize!

    1. Ah, I wish it was a sewing room! Nope, it’ll be a garden room – a conservatory with a tiled roof I guess. I’m looking forward to the work being done so that I can start to do something with the garden although I suspect that this year will be planning it and then come summer (if it ever turns up) and the autumn we’ll start the foundation work for the garden and really sorting it next year… I hope you like the patterns, they’ll be in the post soon!

  2. Congratulations to the winners!
    We have building work to do but it will be a while yet until we can start :-(. But I can get some painting done…
    Good luck with your sewing plans over the weekend. I’m supposed to be clearing the garage but would much rather be finishing a dress I have on the table. Sigh!

  3. Thank you! I’m very excited about making my first pair of jeans (I suffer from a fixation with denim!). Loving all your clothes. Such a good girl for taking pictures!!!

  4. I forgot to tell you how much I loved your Cambie. So summery! Can’t wait to see your new blouses. Although I saw the pic of one of Instagram and loved it.

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