Tilly and The Buttons Mathilde

This is my first version of Tilly and the Buttons first commercial pattern Mathilde.  I am wearing this top a LOT, which is a good sign from a wearable muslin.

Please forgive the wrinkles in the back of the shirt.  This was the second day of wearing it and I’d just got out of the truck having been sat in the hair dressers chair for an hour having a practice hair do for babyiest sister’s wedding!  It’s a downfall of using cotton, presses well but also creases well!  Do you like my builder chic back drop – the extension at the back of the house is slowly getting there…


I love this top. The tucks are a cute touch that adds some lovely interest and the sleeves are girly without being OTT. It came together with no problems at all. Well, nearly no problems and the two issues I had to deal with were not the fault of the drafting!

The print of the fabric isn’t on grain so I had to make a decision whether I worried about grain or the print looking right. I went with the print! This meant making the tucks was a little more difficult than it had to be as I was arguing with the way the fabric wanted to fold. Nothing a hot iron and a lot of steam couldn’t fix though! The tucks aren’t perfect but I’m happy enough with them.

The other thing I needed to fix was the cuff band but I only did this after wearing it a few times. The cuff bands for the size 4 needed to be just a smidge bigger as I have larger forearms in contrast to Tilly. But then Tilly is of a far more delicate build than me! Basically the cuffs were a touch too small to move up my forearms easily which caused the shirt to pull when I reached forward.

It was easily fixed; I just removed the cuffs and re-stitched them with a 1/4″ seam allowance rather than a 5/8″ allowance. Thank goodness that I’d ignored the trimming down your seam allowance bit of the instructions when I’d attached them otherwise I’d have been in a lot of trouble.  Having said that, not trimming the seam allowance down makes the cuff much thicker and therefore also tighter.  That issue is definitely down to me!

So with the cuffs amended, I regathererd the sleeves and reattached them. No more binding when I reach forward.  The only other alteration was my usual FBA.  As a wearable muslin this top is an absolute win to my mind!  I may give myself just a little extra room across the bust in future versions though as whilst it’s not noticeable when I’m wearing it, there does seem to be some horizontal pull lines there in the photos…

I have some crepe backed satin in a deep purple that I am going to use to make another version of this top, but with a lace overlay at the yoke. I may omit the pleats though and substitute in some gathers instead  as stitching pleats into a satin fabric scares me!  I’ll use the matt crepe side as the right side I think.  I’ve also found some crepe navy polkadot fabric which is also destined to be another version and a complete rip-off of Tilly’s Great British Sewing Bee version, complete with red piping.  I need to finish my V1247 top first though!

Pattern: Tilly and the Buttons: Mathilde
Fabric: Shore Line ‘Life Rings’ in Ocean from Fabric Rehab (2m)
Thread: Dunelm Mill
Buttons: Ex Royal Navy via eBay that have been in my button jar for years!


26 thoughts on “Tilly and The Buttons Mathilde

  1. Oh that’s lovely. I have to admit I’ve been umming and ahhing about this pattern; as I’m a lady with a larger bust and I wasn’t sure if it would suit.

    Now I’m definitely adding it to my sewing list!

  2. Nice glasses there! And the hairdo is really nice on you. I am wondering if the drag lines couldn’t be related to the armhole. I hate it too when Ionly realize there are drag lines when you take pictures! The color is also nice on you.

  3. I’ve also been umming & ahhhing about this pattern. I originally though it was SewNotLizzy but the more versions I see the more I’m inclined to change my mind… Love your wearable muslin…

  4. Ok, I just ordered this pattern- can you change your header to ‘Vickikate Makes…Anne copies’? I’m printing this out to guide my version. Love it. Can’t wait to see the purple on you.

  5. looks totally wonderful! I have bought this and yet to download, but I really should get my backside ingear as it’s a lovely top. x x x

  6. Lovely… I have this pattern and have two lots of material to make it in but as yet haven’t made it.. hopefully I can get to it soon.. It is such a lovely pattern. I too was thinking of making one of them without the pleats.. will keep an eye out for the next one of yours.


  7. I love love the choice of fabric!! It’s the most perfect shade of blue and really suits you. The blouse is lovely, and a great wearable muslin. Interesting dilemma re the print being off grain!! You’ve done a great job though and look forward to seeing your next – i also like the gathered version too…

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