Me Made May; Week 3

Wow, three weeks of MMMay 2013 completed all ready!  I’ll confess, there isn’t a whole bunch of new stuff to show you this week as you’ve seen it all before this month!  So rather than the same old same old outfit shots I’ve substituted some days with a detail of the particular garment.

MMMay Week 3 1

I was whinging about how much I like my Jasmine top but that I also hate the facings at the neckline and the suggestion was made that I cut them down and then treat them like a bias binding finish.  So that evening the scissors came out and I happily attacked the facings by cutting them down, turning them under to conceal the raw edge and then topstitching them down.  Much better.  I also tip my cap at the person who originally pointed out to me that finishing the neckline with bias binding would be a good idea when I queried the layers of fabric  at the neckline (I can’t find the post if it was on the blog, or the discussion board on Colette’s site).  Stupidly I ignored them.  They were right, I was wrong.  In fact it is highly likely that all facings will be blown out in favour of bias binding of a full lining.  Never say never though…

MMMay week 3 2

And I need more PJs.  Random, but there it is.  I need to make some more PJs!  Good thing Karen is going to do another PJ party, although I may need some a little sooner than that…

Only another week or so of MMMay to go!  So for those of you who try and avoid outfit posts, you’ve only got to suffer through one more weekly round up and then a final reflection post and normal service will resume!  I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but challenges like this help me focus on my wardrobe and what I need it to look like.  There is likely to be some utility sewing (as in stuff I’ll wear all the time) as well as continued ‘ooh, that’s pretty!’ sewing (things I wont wear all the time but I want to make anyway), commonly known as cake and frosting sewing.  The cake sewing though will hopefully still be pretty and challenging in some way, as well as worn a lot.  But I’ll muse on that a little more in early June (bet you can’t wait!).

succulent gardens

And finally, I’ve been really inspired by little succulent gardens (and they’re also very hard to kill apparently!) so me and Boy made some dinosaur gardens on Monday!  I’d like to find some pretty glass or ceramic oblong containers so I can put one on my dressing table upstairs.  A little greenery about the place makes me happy.


As does the arrival of some tickets.  I’m going to London for the meet up being organised by Claire on the 3rd August – Hurrah!  I am really really looking forward to it!

11 thoughts on “Me Made May; Week 3

  1. Your dinosaur gardens are so cute. Woo hoo for London meet-up tickets – I look forward to meeting you then 🙂

  2. Oh I detest facings with a passion! Bias is so much neater. I’m hoping to get to the August meetup, but not sure until nearer the time. Fingers crossed.

  3. In my opinion, bias binding or facing always wins over a facing! I generally don’t mind stitching showing on the outside of the garment at all, and it’s such a tidy finish. Your MMM is going great!

    1. Thanks Kelly! I can see a lot of bias binding in future woven necklines. I ought to have a look at RTW to see what finish is used on those necklines…

  4. I’m with you– I hate facings! Bias binding is time-consuming and annoying to make, too, but I prefer it to facings, for sure. I really want a dinosaur garden now, too!

    1. You should definitely have a dino garden! I don’t actually minds king bias either as I use a continuous loop method and you can get a LOT out of a FQ. I don’t press it either as its easier to do that once it’s stitched on.

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