This Is MY Pattern; It’s Got My Name On It!

The Victoria Blazer, of course.  Not named for me but I can dream, right?  I mean who wouldn’t want to be one of the By Hand London girls?!  I bought this pattern  on the way home from the Goldhawk Road meet-up in August and all the fabric for this project came from that venerable street of fabric retailers although I only paid for the lining!  I also made this in August and am still catching up with all the garments I’ve made and want to share with you!

Victoria 2

Now before you start to panic that I pilfered my way from one end of the road to the other I have one word for you: Swap.  I have never experienced anything like it in all my life.  Seriously, there was so much gorgeous fabric needing a new home!  Everything from Liberty Lawn to mystery vintage synthetics, miles of jersey, notions, patterns…  It was somewhat overwhelming!

So I hung back and didn’t lunge for the table, I just let everyone else do their thing and then had a look to see whether there was anything I wanted.  I picked up two pieces, some navy cotton drill / twill and a mystery fibre tiny houndstooth.

The navy twill / drill became my blazer.

I’d actually bought the lining earlier in the day whilst Roisin was still with us as I’d seen it in one of the shops (on the same side of the tube station) and as I knew she’d already made the cropped version which was also my plan I sought her expertise on the amount needed.  1m was advised and it was perfect and I think the fabric was only 45″ wide.

So this little jacket cost me the price of the pattern and £5 on some sort of cotton blend brocade in cerise and blue and a thank you to whoever brought that navy fabric to the swap!


I love this little jacket and whilst I didn’t line the sleeves like Sonja I did slipstitch the lining to the armhole seam, enclosing all the raw edges.  I also used one of the lovely labels that come with the By Hand London patterns; for some reason I guard these things and this is the first one I’ve used despite now having made four iterations of BHL patterns!

I’m seriously considering a longer length one but with similar mods to the shape that Jane has made, isn’t it delicious?

And I also have the winners of the Simplicity Give Away!!

Congratulations to Jenni and Tracy who each won the trouser pattern and to Amy and Grace who each won a copy of the dress!  You should each have received an email from me!

49 thoughts on “This Is MY Pattern; It’s Got My Name On It!

    1. Now there’s an idea! I didn’t line the sleeves but otherwise that would be completely do-able… I think Rachel at House of Pinheiro made a reversable version earlier this year.

  1. Love your jacket – and the lining is great
    I like it so much in fact ….. that I’m just going to buy the pattern ….

    1. The pattern is a delight and there are so many inspirational versions out there! Hand Made Jane made a gorgeous full length version with waist shaping that has inspired me, but there are other projects to complete first…

  2. You are looking fly in your blazer, nice job! The lining colour really pops with the navy. Does the pattern have the blazer fully lined or are folks just winging it who have lined theirs?

    1. The pattern calls for a partial lining leaving the sleeves unlined, although a number of people have lined the sleeves. I think it’s something I’ll do for future or winter versions but for a light cropped summer jacket a partial lining is fine!

  3. Gah! I’ve got a colour crush going on here for your jacket. That lining is lovely and combined with the navy twill it is just stunning. Well done on your VIctoria, Vicki!

  4. Nice job!! I love the contrast fun lining you chose! 🙂 Totally know what you mean about dreaming a pattern was made for you – I’ve convinced myself the Anna dress was really meant to be the Amanda dress LOL

  5. Fabulous blazer! I’m still using up swap fabric from the April v&a meet up! People are so generous at those 🙂

    1. That swap table was insane! I’m really pleased with my restraint and the fabrics I brought home from it though; the navy twill was exactly what I was looking for!

    1. Spot on (geddit?!) they did come from Goldhawk Road!
      I was in an insanely happy mood taking these photos and I think that shows, even if I do look slightly manic in some!

  6. I love the Victoria blazer pattern and your version is adorable! I made serious modifications to a blazer pattern and spent ages making it all up… then the Victoria pattern came out and it was exactly what I wanted. So now I have a 3/4 finished blazer languishing on my ironing board 😦

    1. Complete it and then its done. Plus I bet it will work just as well as the Victoria and if it doesn’t there’s now an easy fix?! Thanks for your lovely comment and I adore your avatar photo!

    1. Definitely and this little jacket makes me happy every time I wear it and it was so fast to make too! A happiness inducing instant gratification kinda project – massive win!

  7. This is one of my favourite versions of the Victoria that I’ve seen! It looks great on you! Plus I’ve been eyeing up that pink brocade on every trip I’ve made to Goldhawk Road for at least the last year. I was thinking it was too bright for me to get much wear out of but I hadn’t considered it as a lining! I think I might be buying next time!

    1. You would look amazing in this fabric and as a lining it’s wonderful! I would imagine it would snag if used as outer wear but I love it as a lining. I did manage to partially melt mine a little though when I was pressing a seam so just go a little careful with the heat. I didn’t burn test it so I have no idea what the actual fibre content is although I’m reasonably certain there’s probably some poly in there.

    1. The dress is the By Hand London Elisalex for the bodice and the Anna maxi skirt for the erm, skirt! Thank you for your lovely comment!

      Sent from my overzealous spell checking phone! Please excuse brevity and typos.


  8. The lining is divine! What a great addition to your wardrobe. I still have my Victoria blazer on my sewing table. You’ve inspired me to finish it this weekend. Here’s hoping!

  9. That is one gorgeous jacket! The colors and fabrics are amazing together. And I love how you put the label just inside, not at the back of the neck. I don’t blame you for hoarding those labels – I’ve bought 4 BHL patterns, but from online retailers here in the US, and they don’t come with the labels! I really want one!

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