2013 Top 5: Hits & Misses

Ah, the top 5 series.   Man, I love love love reading other bloggers posts and am so glad that I’m able to join in properly this year!  Thank you Gillian for being the impetuous behind this series of review posts.  It’s amazing what I would have missed if I hadn’t sat down and reviewed my year.


So, Successes.  There are some garments that are out and out superheroes that I’ve made this year.  The ones that get worn weekly, that get skipped to the front of the washing que and don’t actually make it back into the wardrobe before I’m wearing them again!

2013 Hits

5: The work version of Simplicity 2588

4: Sewaholic Tofinos

3: Grainline Archer (erm, still to be blogged!)

2: Vogue 1247 (Two tops and a Skirt – never blogged?!)

1: By Hand London Elisa-ish

I’ve also gone back over the year and reviewed what I’ve made; 26 garments!  26!  That’s one every two weeks on average!  I really didn’t think I’d been that productive (and I sure as heck haven’t recorded them all here)!  There has also been 3 pyjama eaters (although Heather’s are much more badly behaved than mine) and a wedding veil!

There’s also been some other successes; I went to my first ever blogger meet up in London and had a brilliant day; got to get to another one in 2014!  I took the plunge and dipped my toe in the By Hand London pattern pool and it’s safe to say that I’m gleefully swimming up and down that pool now.  I was also lucky enough to be approached by Simplicity to try out a couple of their patterns (here and here) and even given some extra copies to give to you lovely lot.  Finally I am now drawing like a fiend in my Fashionary; I find actually getting the outfit onto paper rather than drifting around in my head has been really good for my sew-jo.

So, some really great additions to the wardrobe and I’m already learning about what I want to focus on in 2014…  Which neatly leads me into my misses of the year!

2013 Fails

In all honesty, there hasn’t been that many sewing hiccups; there was the fit error on my Ava which I still adore and will wear one day and I finally killed a couple of dresses that had been hanging around since 2012 to be finished as I realised that they were either beyond help or I just didn’t love them enough to save.

I have to admit that my main misses of 2013 have been this here blog.  I haven’t photographed the things I’ve made, I haven’t blogged them and then I’ve felt stressed out and bad because I haven’t blogged!  Which is all kinda crazy as I love blogging and I love sewing!  This blog has brought so many amazing people into my life, some I’ve yet to meet and some I have.  I’ve been able to trust them with all kinds of crazy, draining, emotional things and they’ve propped me up and helped me on my way.  Seriously, who’d have thought that something as simple as writing about sewing and putting it out into cyber space would have brought so much into my life.  I worry that I’m taking more than I’m giving.

But back to this here blog!  What I seriously suck at is time management and setting myself up to fail by expecting too much of myself (there are only 24 hours in the day and I need to sleep for some of them!!).  So, I’m going to try and be a little less harsh on myself but I’m also going to try and plan a bit better too.  I’m also going to make taking photos easier.  So that the stuff I make actually gets shared – particularly as 99.9% of it is inspired by you lot and your amazing blogs and the inspiring things you do.

So, only three fails, which considering that this year has been just as turbulent as last year is actually pretty darn good!  I have plans for 2014 and we’re nearly there.  Can’t wait to share them with you!

To my Secret Santa
You are the amazing bestest gift giver in the whole world ever.  I love the fabric and the bias binding and they will become an Anna.  I adore the little fox you so kindly made me; you picked up on my fox obsession some how.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart xxx

15 thoughts on “2013 Top 5: Hits & Misses

  1. Your Ava is so very pretty… I must have missed it! I am thoroughly enjoying everyone’s Top 5’s of 2013 and yours is not exception. I too found a lot of trouble keeping up my blog. Over half my makes never made it to the pages of sewexhausted! I hope I can do better next year! Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Laurie! I love that dress so realy hope I can wear it next year.
      This series is really great. I’m learning even more from other bloggers as a result.

  2. Loving reading all the end of year reviews- yours too! I’m just the same with not blogging “enough” – I get so into the sewing that I just turn around and start something else instead of writing about the one before! My review probably needs to include a catch-up..!

    1. The first few posts here in 2014 will be a catch up of sorts… I’m working on a plan to make blogging and more specifically photographing finished makes easier!

  3. I’m so glad to read your roundup! The plaid Simplicity dress is stunning– I loved it so much when you made it, and it’s nice to see it here again and remember it! Absolutely gorgeous! I’m excited to see what you make next year! I need to find an easier way to take blog photos. I think maybe I need to get a tripod and remote– my husband takes my photos for me, which means I have to drag him out of bed early so I can get pictures taken before I have to leave for work, but it’s so dark these days that I can’t take photos at all on weekdays. I feel guilty for making him take all my photos!

    1. Winter photos are horrid to do! I’m making a backdrop to use at home so I don’t have to worry about the weather. Hopefully it’ll work!
      Tripod and a remote is a win for me. It’s the only way I get any photos and the remote is a million times better than doing the timer run!
      That Simplicity dress gets worn every week at this time of year. I adore it!
      I love your round up too; I’m
      Playing catch up on commenting so I’ll pop over soon…

  4. I like your review – honest and succinct. Don’t be hard on yourself about blogging we, on the other side of the computer, appreciate all your posts. Happy New Year

  5. Aww what a good round up. Excellent throughput this year and insights into what you enjoyed and didn’t in the process. Would like to see some sketches from your fashionary and look forward to seeing you at a meet up soon!

  6. Well, well done!! You have been so productive this year!! I think we all need to be reminded now and again that sewing and blogging (as a hobby) should be fun, not stressful… and life always comes first 🙂 Relax and be good to yourself, you deserve it ^__^ XO

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