Secret Santa Anna Tron

Well, Hi there.  What do you mean it’s nearly the end of January!  Your lying.  Oh…  It really is.  Where has this month gone?!  Suffice to say it’s been a bit busy round these parts, but I’ve finally managed a little sewing and have one of my favourite dresses to date to show you!

Anna Tron

This is the By Hand London Anna dress and is the second version I’ve made (I just haven’t photographed the first one yet, OK?!).  The fabric was a gift from my Secret Santa as I took part again last year with the swap organised by the lovely Kat who blogs at Krafty Kat.

The fabric is a stretch cotton twill with this fabulous black and purple geometric print.  I went with the bateau neckline for this make as I didn’t want to break up the print.  The dress came together beautifully and I swapped out the facings to use the hot pink bias that accompanied the fabric.  My only irritation with the dress is my fault!  I’m shrinking (which is a good thing) and despite taking the side seams in on this over and over it’s still to big through the torso.  I’m going to follow Roisin at Dolly Clackett and hope that a turn through the washing machine will shrink it’s proportions suitably.  Or take even more out of the side seams!

Anna Tron Fit

I hope the photos above illustrate what I mean.  I’ve got a lot of fabric pulled behind my back or at my waist.  I’m not sure now the washing machine will fix this – I may need to be more daring in my side seam reductions!

So, along with the fabric, came the rather gorgeous pink bias binding which I used to finish the neckline, arms and hem.  I think it’s this inclusion of a really bright colour along with the geometric pattern of the fabric that made me name this dress ‘Tron’ as I’m not usually one for naming my makes!

Details Anna Tron

See, I love that insane pop of colour!  It matches my hangers too and I’m pretty happy with that pattern matching up the back where the invisible zip is.  So, not only did I get enough fabric to make a dress and finish it with a pop of colour, I also received a number of lovely sew in labels and a little handmade felt fox!  I love foxes so Secret Santa was spot on the money there, too.

Secret Santa

Just wonderful!  One of those labels will be going in Tron Anna.

And for those of you who haven’t come across Tron or Tron Legacy (I’m sorry, I like them both!) here’s a poster for the original film showing the illuminated patterns on the costumes that this dress makes me think of:

Link to Source
Link to Source

37 thoughts on “Secret Santa Anna Tron

  1. Ooh what a fab print and I love the pop of colour with the bias binding. I got Anna for Christmas and can’t wait to give her a go!

    1. It’s definitely my preferred end of the equation!! I’m not sure it’ll shrink much either but I don’t want to go too far with the side seams only to find that it does shrink… Thanks though Jo, I love this dress!

  2. You look fab! I love this fabric & the Tron reference too – love both those films! I have the Anna pattern & look forward to trying it at some point this year.

  3. I love the print and yes, that hot pink bias is so much fun. I’ve seen way too many awesome versions of this dress pattern now not to try it- this one included!

  4. Ahhhhh this is awesome. I know you hate having your pic taken but you look more comfortable in the photos too. Probably because you know your dress rocks. Brilliant use of pink binding too! 😀

    1. Thanks Amy, I still look at photos of me and see all the things I dislike but I’m getting there with actually getting in front of the damn camera!!

  5. I love it, this is a fabulous dress! The pop of color for the facings makes it look like something fancy that you paid a lot of money for 🙂 And you are really looking great (I know you don’t “fish for compliments”, but I can definitely see that you are looking trimmer at the waist. Good job taking care of yourself.

  6. Wow! I love this! It looks so great on you! The fabric is so cool, and the bias binding is an awesome detail! It’s so fun wearing something that you know has something cool on the inside. You look absolutely fabulous– it’s great to see your beautiful smile!

  7. This dress is just so cool and you look like a total boss in it! I hope it shrinks up a little for you, but if not, you definitely should take the time to take it in!

    (PS – How’s the NF Academy going? I’m still doing the Barbell workouts and they’re totally kicking my ass!)

    1. Hey! Thank you! I’ve kinda fallen off the train a little with NF. I need to get back on again. I’m afraid my excuse has been my two jobs being insane. I have started Yoga though which helps with the work situation!

      1. I have to admit I fell off the NF bandwagon over Christmas, and I finally got back into the gym last week – It was tough! I think any exercise that you can sustain and that you enjoy is the best exercise! I’m hoping to start yoga soon, because I’m so inflexible!

    1. Thanks Fiona! I gravitate to dark colours (black, navy, purple, bluey-greens) so a pop of colour I’d never actually wear as a garment is a fun hidden detail!

  8. This is a fab dress- and what pattern matching on the CB seam!
    You’re clearly as cool as Anna MaTronic (see what I did there?!)
    p.s. awesome shoes 😉

  9. Hey Lady…looking fabulous! Totally Va-va-voom. And it’s not just the dress…which is awesome. I know you’ve been working hard…it is paying off in spades. Bravo!

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