Happy Happy Joy Joy – Northern Hemisphere Style

OK, I’m on catch up mode with stuff I made last year and beginning of this year.  There isn’t going to be any choronological order to these posts, it’s more going to depend on when I get a chance to photograph things and sit at the computer to write.  But on to the pretty skirt!

Do you remember the skirt Sew Busy Lizzy made for the Minerva Blogger Network using Vogue 8882?  Well, Lizzy told me I’d love it and boy did I love it.  That kit was bought with birthday money pretty much instantaneously.  It was also made PDQ as well and I wore it for our Christmas meal in early December, Christmas Day and a few other Christmas shindigs.  Did I get any photographs?  Did I heck!  So, I grabbed these photos at the same time I was photographing Anna Tron on a bleak, rain swept January morning.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

This entire outfit actually started out life in one of my Fashionary Mini sketch books (I have a set of three as well as a Silver Zebra print A5 book) and whilst I am not as tall and willowy as the outline in the book I’m pleased as punch with the finished outfit!

Vicki at Minerva Crafts was so helpful when I bought the bits I needed to make this skirt, swapping out the pattern size to one in my size range, double checking with me that I was happy and sending it all so quickly!  The fabric is lovely, it has a two tone effect that gives the colour real depth and it drapes beautifully whilst still having some body.  I really should have taken photos with a petticoat underneath because it looks fabulous (oops!).  You also get that beautiful swish sound as you walk in it.

Happy Happy Joy Joy 2

I did the same as lizzy and blew out the facings for the hem and just turned and stitched a narrow one instead.  This meant I have about 1.5m of the fabric left that is now a superhero cape. I wore the cape for Boy’s birthday at the beginning of January!  In short, that kit was an absolute bargain and I love this skirt!

39 thoughts on “Happy Happy Joy Joy – Northern Hemisphere Style

  1. This is a great shape and colour on you Vicki, you can’t beat a skirt you can twirl in! I’m loving the leopard print shoes as well 🙂

  2. It looks fabulous! Bet it looks amazing with a petticoat too 🙂

    So glad it worked out well for you, and no problem at all with the pattern sizes – thank or such a lovely comment!

    Vicki (from Minerva!)

  3. A taffeta skirt for the holidays, how lovely! The color of the skirt is beautiful and I love how it goes with the antler sweater. I would definitely say that this outfit fits into your core style – there is an element of whimsy, it is perfectly suitable for holiday gatherings, and you look quite attractive in it.

  4. This is so perfect! It’s such a happy, fun skirt, and I love the way you’ve paired it with a sweater! The sweater is fabulous, too! Looking good, girl!

  5. You nailed it! It’s such a great skirt, extremely adorable, and–like most people–I really love the way you paired it with the reindeer sweater (jumper? sorry, American) and pumps! Very swishy and fun and super-flattering!

  6. I love this on you! It looks great and so do you! The color is divine and I can practiclly hear the swish as you twirl around in your pics!

  7. Gorgeous Vicki, I love this on you!! And, I really like that you first sketched it out and planned it, then made it come to fruition. It’s more of a ‘project’ that way. I love the bow and the swish factor. Looks like Lizzy made a great kit!

  8. Sorry for the late reply – I’m on catch-up mode with my blogging and blog reading too ^__^ This is just soooo sooo beautiful and glamorous!! It’s such a beautiful skirt on you and a gorgeous colour! 🙂 I just know exactly what you mean about that swishy sound – it’s like you’re a prom queen!! ^__^

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