Starry Eyed Archer


Oh, I am such a tardy blogger!  I made this shirt back in October (I think?!) and meant to blog it in December as I hadn’t managed to before so that it coincided with Archer Appreciation month.  Missed that deadline too, but better late than never!!

Not a  lot to say about the Grainline Archer really, it’s a lovely pattern that goes together really well and in this flannel it is also super super warm.  I am wearing this thing to death and whilst I’m going to put some shaping into the side seams for further iterations, I’m still happy with this one.

The only variation I made from Jen’s excellent instructions was to use Four Square Walls’ collar tutorial.  I’d used another method on my Cami dress (Yep, another yet to be blogged make) back in September and ripped it out in frustration.  Andrea’s tutorial came at just the right time!

I love this shirt, it’s comfortable and warm.  Because of the bazoomer’s it hangs straight down so I’ll look at adding a little shape in future versions, but it’s more of a winner than anything else as far as I’m concerned!!


25 thoughts on “Starry Eyed Archer

  1. Heyyy how cute. I love the ruffle. You can see how happy you are by your cheeky smile. Andrea’s tutorial is definitely the best way

  2. That’s a great colour on you and I like the unusual ruffle detail at the back. Thanks for the link to the collar tutorial … really helpful!

    1. I can’t recommend this pattern enough! Men’s done a fabulous job at drafting it and it’s one of those makes that left me with a real sense of accomplishment!

  3. Really wonderful version of this pattern – I especially love the colour and the lovely ruffly back detail – it makes it so feminine 🙂 I had to giggle at your ‘bazoomers’ comment… totally feel ya there! It’s not that noticeable on this top (and cuddly flannel is pretty awesome, no matter what), but a couple of vertical darts under the gals in future versions would make it super sleek indeed! ^___^

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