Rain Rain Go Away… Or Maybe Not?

Happy Monday, all!  I’ve got a little give away for you today.  With the chaos of exams and life in general I utterly failed to do a birthday giveaway back in November.  I hope this will make up for it!

Love Umbrellas Give Away 3

Last year, in October, the rather glamourous and lovely Oobop wrote a post about her pencil skirt and her rather show stealing umbrella!  Ever since I’ve been coveting something to brighten a rainy day.  Janene’s red flower umbrella would not leave my head!

Love Umbrella is a small independent company that makes unique umbrellas.  Living in the UK, this is something that we need on a dismally regular basis, so why not make it fun?!  Love Umbrella made the wonderful parasol in Janene’s post and also a purple sparkly one that I have.  They also do bespoke designs, and I have one to give to one of you!

Love Umbrellas Give Away 2

I got in contact with Love Umbrella and requested a flower umbrella with a button centre.  I’ll be totally honest and say that this was a purely selfish move on my part.  I wanted it for me!  I then though, why not get two and give one of them away?  I missed my birthday give away, so why not do one now?

Love Umbrella's Give Away

There is a catch though, I can not for the life of my find a cost effective way to send an umbrella abroad.  This really irritates me – how can it cost north of £30 to send something that doesn’t weigh a lot offshore?!  So, the umbrella is only open to my UK readers.  But fret not my international friends!  I’m not going to leave you lovelies out in the rain (ba-dum-tish!).

My international winner will receive the pattern of their choice.  So if you’ve been coveting Emery, Mortmain, or any other pattern it will be my gift to you.

In the comments, let me know which umbrella you’d like (if you’re in the UK) – Red or Black.  If you’re outside of the UK, let me know where you are and what pattern you’d like!  Make sure that your profile links to an email address or include it in your comment so I can contact you if you’re a winner!

I’ll pick two winners this time next week – the 17th February.

This Giveaway is now Closed!


49 thoughts on “Rain Rain Go Away… Or Maybe Not?

  1. Those umbrellas are gorgeous! Sadly, I’m not in the UK so I’ll pick a pattern instead – I’ve been lusting after the Emery dress for ages, so that would be my pick. Thanks for doing such a cool giveaway!

  2. Those umbrellas look too pretty to use in the rain, so I’d probably end up using it only in light drizzle. If I were to win, I’d like the black umbrella.

  3. Black and white design!… Lovely creative umbrella designs, the only time you would really want it to rain to showcase one of these.

  4. Sooooo loving the red umbrella 🙂
    Fingers Crossed. Sent one of these over to Oz – feeling your pain over the cost!x

  5. You are always so generous with your giveaways! Those umbrellas are lovely, but here in MN we get more snow than rain – so I don’t feel too bad about not being eligible. However, if I do win the pattern, I say “surprise me!” I am in a bit of a sewing rut at the moment and not quite sure what I would want to sew.

  6. Though I live in a rather rainy climate where I could really make frequent use of it, I am in the US so not eligible for the very lovely unbrella giveaway. However, as I’m a true pattern junkie, the chance of winning a pattern is equally exciting :D. I would choose the Belladone from Deer & Doe.

  7. I Hate Hate Hate The Rain! So to make it better for me, I invested in a Love Umbrella and OMG, I LOVE IT WHEN IT RAINS NOW! So many people ask me where I got it from.. Love Umbrellas Brighten The Dullest of days. Everyone needs a reason to Sm:)e in the Rain.. And let’s be fair, we get A lot of it in the UK.x (Would Love The New Strawberry Design)

  8. Evening, I would love to win a stunning red umbrella please. I think this is a wonderful giveaway thank you for doing this compation x

  9. You’re a sweetheart!! 🙂 I would love a fancy shmancy umbrella, but alas, I live in the Rainy Westcoast of Canada, not the UK – so a pattern wish it shall be… I will pick one to save you from shipping evils, and say I would love the Midsummers’ Night Dream dress from Papercut Patterns – they’re lovely and don’t charge shipping ^__^

    Thank you for the sweet giveaway – you have loads of good karma floating your way!! ^__^

  10. What a gorgeous umbrella… when I make it across the pond I will stop in and get my own! Of course I have not had to use an umbrella in a year at least around here. We are actually experiencing a severe drought. 😦 In the mean time wishing you all the best! I would happily settle for a pattern!

  11. I would absolutely love a bespoke umbrella. Happy belated birthday btw. My fb account has messaging but doesn’t link to my email although I would answer any inbox message should I be lucky enough to win. The red umbrella does look amazing and would be easy enough to spot should I misplace it. Although I would be more than happy with either one.

  12. I’d love red. It’s my birthday today along with my daughters, she’s 1 and she’s called Scarlett so it would be such a perfect colour.

  13. I love these umbrellas, and I would love a monochrome one as our wedding colours were black and white., and I celebrate our anniversary every year wearing monochrome.
    Let’s face it, with the weather we’re having of late, the brolly is more important than the outfit!

  14. You’re right, those umbrellas are lovely 🙂 Alas, I am in the states. Boo! lol I have been dreaming of the Anna more and more each time someone posts a new version, so I would love to get that pattern. Thank you for the giveaway1

  15. I’d love to win the black umbrella. It’s classy with a dash of quirkiness 🙂 The current weather in the UK is really gloomy but at least with one of these brollies I could be fabulous and gloomy! X

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