Anna the 1st

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Happy Valentines my lovelies!  If you’re into this particular day, I hope you’re having a wonderful one and if you’re not, I hope you can side step the mushy stuff and maintain your sanity!  Husband has a card and some After Eights, and I’ll cook something nice later but that’s the limit in this household!  As I’m writing this on Thursday evening I have no idea if he’s remembered or not (I suspect not… But that’s him and it doesn’t bother me).

As the sun was shining yesterday and I was working at home, I used my lunch break to finally, finally, photograph the first By Hand London Anna dress I made.  This is by no means a recent make of mine – more like last summer shortly after it was released!  It’s a really happy, summery dress – mainly because of the fabric (mermaids, fish, whales!).

Anna 1

I did my usual FBA and sway back adjustment on this as well as Sonja at Gingermakes back neckline gape fix.  I used french seams where I could and  I catch stitched the sleeves for a lovely, flexible finish.  I also used a few tricks I’ve picked up to finish the facings and the facing to zipper.  This dress taught me that I needed a little more length in the bodice as the waist was a smudge too high and the pleats were also well into the bewb area rather than under them.  Something I didn’t catch when I actually toiled the bodice of this!

To finish the facings I sewed the facing to the interfacing, right sides together, pinked the seams and then flipped the interfacing over so that the glue side was against the wrong side of the fabric.  I then pressed.  This makes a really beautiful finished edge on the facing and takes a very short period of time to do.

Anna 2

The other finishing technique I used was where the facing meets the invisible zip at the back.  I use the Fashion Incubator method, which always gives me a really nice finish – In fact I use her insertion method too where you sew up the seam below the zip BEFORE you insert it.  Generally a fantastic resource for all sorts of things – beware you will loose hours but gain tons of knowledge!

I like this dress – although it is a little sheer!  Care is needed with underwear colours and situations where you’ll be back lit.  And strong gusts of wind as this skirt will catch a breeze as easily as a circle skirt!

So, there we are.  My 1st Anna dress.  A short and sweet post as this dress is already so well documented on the inter webs!

PS If you fancy winning a rather lovely brolly or a pattern of your choice, let me know in the comments of this post.  I’ll pull a winner out of the hat on Monday!

19 thoughts on “Anna the 1st

  1. Vicki, this is the perfect summer dress and the fabric choice is so lovely. I can see you wearing this while taking boy to the park on warm summer day 🙂

  2. This is lovely! The fabric is great fun. I am boggled at the simplicity and genius of how you did the interfacing on the facing. I’m definately going to try that!

  3. This is so, so cute! I LOVE the fabric- it’s like a little sip of summer in the midst of this horrible winter (it’s snowing AGAIN… the THIRD time this week). It’s really a perfect summer dress! I had a similar issue with the bodice as I didn’t notice until maybe my second or third time wearing the dress that the pleats come up into my boobs, whoops! Going to have to add some length for the next time around! I’m so impressed by your finishing techniques! I’ll definitely have to try out that facing trick!

    1. I know what you mean about the weather. We’ve just got a lot of rain and wet, damp, miserable weather. Thick fog today! It’s completely seasonally inappropriate but I wanted to blog it and as there was some sun it seemed like a good idea!
      I know what you mean about the pleats! It took me a couple of wearings to notice too! Adding length worked fine for me as the waist was a smudge too high anyway. Your version of Anna is so beautiful too!
      And that facing finishing trick is brilliant! Simple, but brilliant! I owe a lot of the techniques I use to that blog!

  4. Sorry this is so late, but I love love LOVE this on you – it’s so darn cute and flirty! I love the fabric, and the silhouette is lovely on you! Yay Anna!! 🙂 Love those shoes too!! 🙂

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